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Currents - Journal of the
Body-Mind Centering® Association

Currents, Journal of the Body-Mind Centering® Association, Inc. publishes professional writing from the field of Somatics,  offering scholarly and creative texts unique to the body-mind experience. For more than two decades, the Journal has maintained a rich archive of the depth and breadth of Body-Mind Centering®. We also welcome fresh research and embodied documentation from other expressive forms of somatic movement education and healing. Authors are encouraged to submit philosophical or physiological essays, practical applications, case studies, interviews, book reviews, or poems, written in English and in other languages. It is our distinctive editorial tradition to work closely with both beginning and advanced writers as they develop their submissions. Each year, two essays are chosen for peer review. Lastly, Currents’ commitment to “embodied design” is reflected in a beautiful layout of contributors’ original photos and artwork.

2022 Currents - INCITE’ / IN’SIGHT

INCITE’ / IN’SIGHT  These two words may move in opposite directions and with different stress on their syllables, but can, in fact, be used together. INCITE has motoric implications, an outward-directed focus intended to be activating and stimulating. To incite is a provocation to action. The word “cite” in Latin (‘citare’) means “to summon” or “to call,” thus, the “in” of “incite” invites “to call in” or “to call out”). INSIGHT, on the other hand, has perceptive implications, “to see” inwardly more clearly, to reflect. With the “calling out” of INCITE and the “seeing into” of INSIGHT, both words can serve separately as broad-stroke inspirations or else lead to each other, and together, be integrating

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2023 Currents Now Accepting Submissions
Our 25th Year in Publication!

2023 Theme : 
Teaching (Taecan) and Transmission (Transmittere) 

The Annual Currents Theme is presented to you for jogging memory, sparking an idea, or creating a solution, not necessarily for thesis or subject matter.  

  • To teach — from Old English tæcan  "to give instruction, train, assign, direct derives from the Proto-Indo-European root word DIEK, “to show, to point out,” –a word interestingly resonant with Old Germanic, Norse, Fristan roots “a token, a sign, or evidence” signifying long-lasting effect of education upon the mind and the body.
  • To transmit — from Latin transmittere "send across, cause to go across, transfer, pass on," from trans "across, beyond" + mittere "to release, let go; send, throw."

We invite our 2023 contributors to tap the roots of these two etymologies to illuminate the process and the products of their teachings. We welcome diversity in philosophy, pedagogy or practice, as well as the sharing of original systems, guided experiencing, or simply singular breakthroughs and life-altering enlightenments. Transmission sets the stage with good chemistry, safe environs, and being open to receiving; Teaching tackles the subject, the plan, and the method. The ancient connection between teaching and a metal coin reflects that knowledge, in its many forms, is shaped or stamped into us; we are the token (taecan/deik) in-hand, carried along, and then passed on to the next set of hands. Thus, the currency of the teacher is built around the magic of transmission.  .

We welcome all Somatic Movement People who wish to contribute in words, photos, sketches, diagrams.  For more information, questions, or text delivery, contact our editor, Kate Tarlow Morgan at  currentsbmca@gmail.com.

Important Dates for 2023 Currents submissions

June - August 2022 - Absttacts & Beginning Dradts
September 2022 -  First Draft
November 25, 2022: Final Draft

Full submission guidelines and formatting can be found at: HERE
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    Journal E ditor, Kate   Tarlow Morgan, at pa    nel dis       cussion as part of the 2015 European BMCA Conference in Ghent, Belgium, photo credit: Dennis vanLith