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Currents, the BMCA Journal


Currents is the annual journal of The Body-Mind Centering® Association, Inc. and offers professional writing in the field of somatics. The journal's content reflects the depth and breadth of the Body-Mind Centering work and includes articles and case studies about working with infants, children and adults and applications of BMC to yoga, dance, and teaching movement.  It also contains photos, artwork, and poetry expressing varying aspects of somatic states.

2018 Currents

This year's theme is Our Animal Roots. Our human nature is the expression of millennia of evolution from earlier forms, from the one-celled creature to the span of species. Our behavior, our instincts, and our physical features reflect our development from ancient patterns of living. How are we experiencing our direct ancestors today? How can we feel the support of their experience? How are we the same and different? As humans, how do we attune ourselves to animals and to our biological past-through developmental movement, touch, voice? Are human brains really "superior" to those of animals? Do animals attune themselves to us, or vice versa, as in animal therapy? Does our awareness of our animal roots offer the possibility of change in our consciousness, our brains, our parenting, and educational systems? How do violence and non-violence in human and animal worlds teach us? How does the metaphor "ontogeny capitulates phylogeny" enrich our somatic research? How can Body-Mind Centering be helpful to animals and in the discovery of our animal roots? How does awareness and knowledge of animals enter into the performance arts?

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2019 Currents

Currents Journal of BMCA opens its submissions invitation to both beginning and advanced writers interested in the somatic field. This year our Journal Board introduces Currents Theme for 2019: Open Issue

The value of the Open Issue is twofold: first, to provide a broad platform for the sharing of ideas that speak directly to the author and where somatic writers may place the diverse richness of their work. Second, for the pleasure and the mystery of “serendipity” that has been proven, in the end, to create a “theme.” Through the opening flows a current that finds itself at our Journal doors. Our doors are now open, so let the wide world in and move something our way. Always drop us a line if you have any suggestions for the future.

Gill Wright Miller leads the Currents Writers' Workshop at the
2015  BMCA Conference at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Jeanne
Feeney, BMCA Member, on the right.

Dates for March, 2019 publication are as follows
Feature length abstracts to be considered:
June 1-August 15, 2018.

Final Drafts:
November 1, 2018.

Short pieces, poems, visuals, and ads:
October 1, 2018.

Full submission guidelines and formatting.
Guidelines for Footnotes and Bibliographies


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    Journal E ditor, Kate   Tarlow Morgan, at pa    nel dis       cussion as part of the 2015 European BMCA Conference in Ghent, Belgium, photo credit: Dennis vanLith