About BMCA Membership Fee Options

BMCA has seen big changes in our membership numbers, conference revenue, and other funding throughout and after the pandemic shutdown. We recognized the need to offer more full and partial fee waivers to answer the call from those struggling, but this model is not sustainable in the long term. Leading us to ask…How do we support our community, while maintaining the value and viability of the organization? 

BMCA offers fee-adjustment structures and payment options to better support members’ economic circumstances around the world. By fostering greater accessibility, we hope to ensure growth in membership that reflects the diversity of BMC® communities.  

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for those where the amount of the annual membership is not a barrier overall, but where it would support your ease when your payment is due, you can spread the payment over time. Payment plans are available for all membership types, as well as for those who qualify for Economic Leveling fee adjustment. 

To set up a payment plan, please email Lisa@bmcassociation.org

Economic Leveling Fee Adjustment

This is a special adjustment to the rate of membership fees that is made during the sign-up or renewal process. Economic Leveling offers alternative membership fee amounts for those who encounter difficulty in paying the usual rate due to economic factors in the country you live in, and applies to all single membership types (student, associate and professional). 

* Please note that this adjustment is an option. If you live in one of the countries that qualify for the adjustment, but the regular fee has not been a barrier for you, you do not need to fill out an application. 

The Economic Leveling Membership Fee Adjustment offered in two tiers: 

1) 50% off the membership rate 

2) 25% off the membership rate 

The criteria for deciding which countries qualify for each tier is based on the relative Purchasing Power (PP). We have used online data from trusted sources that calculate cost-of-living and income comparison to the U.S. dollar and establish a Purchasing Power percentage. This PP percentage shows how currency in that country works in their real economy. We looked at our membership numbers in every country and their relative PP, and tested the calculations to bring the rate down to a fee that balances the power of their dollars, the value of BMCA membership, and the sustainability of our U.S.-based organization.

Annually, we will review our data sources and adjust the rates accordingly as economies shift over time. 

All additional discounts for New grads, ISMETA, and local associations (Glia Verband, BMC® France) will be applied after the EL adjustment. The Mark Holder has agreed to this adjustment, and the percentage also applies to the Mark fee. 

Sources: World Data Numbeo  (Rates from numbeo are re-calculated to be on the same scale as world-data) 

2024 Economic Leveling Rates as of November 2023

(link to Economic Leveling chart)

Refer to the below level to find your adjusted rate. If your country of residence is not listed, please submit an application and we will follow up to confirm your Tier. 

Tier 1

Tier 2

Full Rate

50% discount25% discountFull Rate
$87.50 Professional$131.25 Professional$175 Professional
$32.50 Associate$48.75 Associate$65 Associate
$25 Student/Friend$37.50 Student/Friend$50 Student/Friend

Republic of ChinaSloveniaIreland
South AfricaSpainItaly


New Zealand


Puerto Rico

South Korea


Apply to Economic Leveling Fee Adjustment

Full and Partial Fee Waivers

BMCA offers a very limited number of full and partial financial hardship waivers. Fee waivers are given to individuals who demonstrate that they are a committed BMCA member or new graduate in good standing, and where all other economic support options (payment plans and EL adjustment) will not meet their financial needs. 

Please email lisa@bmcassociation.org if interested in applying.