The Voice of Our Multiple Bodies - Cycle of Workshops: BMC® & IMPROVISATION

Amélie Gaulier


Date and Time

Saturday February 6, 13, 20 & 27

12:45-2pm Easter Time


$8-25 Slidind scale


Uncovering the social roots of speaking to empower our innate dissonance and expand how we are voicing out and resonates from our collective and individual body for social transformation.I want to invite participants to initiate and innovate from their own embodiment to practice listening and expanding their capacity for receiving and acknowledging where sounding apart, resoancne and disosnant tones arises in the body and explore with them.

Each session will be spent within 40 minutes’ exploration of specific aspects of the anatomy of body sounds. (vibration, breathing, resonance through body cavities and body systems) followed by 35 minutes of guided practice for witnessing and being witness through improvisation with movement, voice and imagination. Noticing how our sense of self care and our capacity to stay present with our discoveries support our ability to expand our curiosity. Following pleasure and learning for ourselves what serves us by creating the right container in the movement of moment by moment. 

Using yielding, pushing and reaching patterns we will ground and invaginate our integrity, authenticity, creativity, playfulness and depth to find the voice of our multiple bodies. 

A series of workshops to approach our vocal organs as a social tool for change. By allowing ourselves to be dissonant, to reopen our hearing, listening to unknown paths of sounding and inquiring about how the body produces sounds and how we create meaning-making.


Intructor's Bio

Amélie Gaulier is  Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, Somatic Movement Therapist Member of ISMETA and a performance artist; she is currently studying Body-Mind Psychotherapy with Susan Aposhyan and in training to become a certified MNDFL meditation instructor. As a performance artist, she has been teaching improvisation through movement, voice, and imagination to children and adults for 14 years in different institutions.The inspiration of authentic movement, the practice of contemplative dance and Qigong nourish the way she enjoys facilitating and teaching to accompany individuals and groups. Amélie recently completed a Masters Research Degree at the INSPE/UPEC, National Institute of Professorship and Education in Paris. Her research intends to understand how our self narratives and our mental constructs can be modulated through cognitive rest and learning tools for self and collective care. The work focuses on embodied cognition and creating enactive tools for group training. She also studying on “Stepping Out of Whiteness and Unlearning Racism” with Heather Mizeur – Soul Force Politics and on Somatic Abolitionism, part of year-long Book+ study group "My Grand-Mother Hands" with the Rooted Group.

Contact and Payment


Price & registration: Register by sending payment of $8-25 depending of your budget via venmo @Amelie-Gaulier or via paypal amelie.gaulier@gmail, zoom link will be send afterward.

amelie.gaulier [at] gmail [dot] com