Simply Be Here, a guided meditation led by Maryska Bigos

Maryska Bigos

This is a recording of Maryska's Simply Be Here meditation.  Purchase access vimeo recording through

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Recording is available throughnout February.  Listen as often as you like.

February 1 - 28, 2021



$15 or unlimited access during February 2021.


Simply Be Here
a guided meditation developed and led by Maryska Big

There is no place else to go.  There is nothing else to do. Simply be here. 

 Does this sound familiar?  Imagine Maryska’s voice guiding you through embodied release and finding support in simply being here.

 Maryska Bigos is pleased to offer this beautiful meditation which she developed throughout her years as an instructor and practitioner.  She made this recording a few years ago and is happy to release it to you through The Motion Space LLC (

Simply Be Here will be available throughout the month of February at a special rate of $15.  Listen as often as you would like, throughout the month. 

To access the recording and payment processing, go to the shopping page at  Click the Simply Be Here icon and follow payment instructions. Upon processing you will receive a link to the vimeo recording.  You have unlimited access to this link throughout February 2021.

Maryska is developing more recordings for release later this year.

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The Motion Space LLC, directed by Wendy Masterson, is located in Great Falls, Montana. Wendy offers in=person and virtual sessions in somatic movement therapy; infant developmental movement; Reiki sessions and Reiki certification courses; and the GYROTONIC® Method and GYROKINESIS® classes and training courses.

Intructor's Bio

Maryska Bigos

RSMT/RSME, Feldenkrais Method Practitioner
Body-Mind Centering® Certified Teacher/Practitioner, EAY/EDMY, IDME

An experienced movement therapist and educator, Maryska has maintained a private practice for over thirty-five years and is certified ina wide variety of bodywork practices that reflect her interest in the intimate connection between movement, body, and mind.  She is urrently active in research linking infant developmental movement with decision-making and leadership skills.  Maryska founded the Kinesthetic Learning Center, (Body-Mind Centering® licensed training program) in 2007 and more recently, Newborn and Infant FUNdamentals to share Infant Developmental Movement Education touch and movement practices with infant caregivers worldwide.  She has taught and presented her work throughout the United States and internationally in Europe, South America, and Asia.

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