Ser Cuerpo. Somatic Movement

Nina Piulats

Enestudio. Passatge Sant Antoni 11, Barcelona

Date and Time

Wednesday 19.45-21.00 and Intensives


15 Euros/ drop in

40 Euros/ monthly


We are a living and dynamic unit, a soma. We propose a moving journey that runs through the bonding, sensitive experience, from the inner to the outer, differentiating and integrating bodily contexts in the individual and in the socio-cultural collective. A space for thought and expression in movement around the concept and experience of embodiment through Body-Mind Centering®, Laban-Bartenieff, Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation.   Each session will be dedicated to a theme with a body and physical space as a starting point, exploring its anatomy, qualities and natural and cultural context. From there we want to explore how it is experienced on a personal and individual level in one's own moving body, the relationship with the outer space, using both more directed / sequenced elements and from mere improvisation. Special attention will be paid to arriving in space and being able to first contact oneself before going into couples or group dynamics; it is a session that advances in crescendo, solidifying layer by layer, first looking for an inner connection as a ground for the outer expression.


Intructor's Bio

Nina Piulats Finger is a german and catalan dancer with a performative, teaching and philosofical-artistic background in dance, somatic education, bodywork and yoga. With a degree in Foreign Languages/ Culture and Pedagogy and a MA in Dance Culture (Tanzkultur) V.I.E.W, she is linked professionally to dance since 2008. Working with the Moving on Center  (EE.UU) changed her way of seeing body, movement and artistic expression and led her on to become trained in Somatic Education and Participatory Arts and deepen her studies in Body-Mind Centering® which she is currently completing as a Practitioner. Her research focusses on individual and shared experiences about the process of Embodiment, capturing the dialogue between consciousness and movement being guided by the radical nature of the body, depolarising and refinding synergies. She teaches, facilitates groups and performs in different settings in Spain and Germany.

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