Origins of Movement on Zoom

Sara K. Vogeler

The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc.

148 W. 23 Street, #1H

NY NY 10011

Date and Time

Saturdays Nov. 7, 14, 21 

11:00am to 12:30pm EDT


$75 for the series


Reconstructing our earliest moments gives us a window into our past. We can use this past to bring motoric memories into present time. This gives us a chance to repattern ourselves and to fill in the gaps in our embryology and development. New ways of thinking may emerge that affect our consciousness. Experience an overview of embryology through somatizations, explore reflexes such as sucking and swallowing, and integrate your movement discoveries.

Intructor's Bio

Sara K. Vogeler, Founder and Director of the NeuroMuscular Center, Inc., began studying with Bonnie in 1973 and was in the first class of Certified Practioners and then Certified Teachers. She was a professional dancer who trained with Erick Hawkins and performed with various modern dance companies in the U.S. and Europe (David Woodberry, Beverly Brown, Pauline de Groot, Andy Degroat, Phyllis Rose). After graduating in Dance Therapy from NYU, she studied Buddhism with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and taught dance therapy in the summer program at Naropa Institute's inception. She is licensed in massage by NYS, is an ACE-certified personal trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and studied many forms of movement and somatic therapies, and has taught anatomy and movement in colleges and venues for many years.

Contact and Payment

You can pay $75 to Sara-Vogeler at

svogeler [at] mac [dot] com
NMCmover [at] gmail [dot] com
svogeler [at] mac [dot] com