Online Experiential Anatomy Workshop Series

Erika Berland


Date and Time

One Session per Month for 10 months

Saturday Oct 1—Saturday June 18



Individual workshops are $60. Or the full series can be purchased for a discount at $500. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Erika at


These workshops are designed as an introduction to accessing the major body systems based on the experiential anatomy of Body-Mind Centering® while also serving as a review and touch-in for those familiar with the basic material. Some resource materials will be available and each session will include discussion on integrating the material into one’s practice and research. For detailed descrioptions of each session, go to

Intructor's Bio

Erika Berland is a dancer, performer, Certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and licensed massage therapist. From 2004-2020 she was instrumental in developing and teaching a comprehensive two year curriculum of somatic training for the MFA: Contemporary Performance program at Naropa University. A senior teacher and meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, her work incorporates contemplative training with performance and physical technique. Her first book, Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation was published in 2017. Her work on somatics and performance training has appeared in Movement for Actors (Allworth Press) and Physical Dramaturgy (Routledge).


Contact and Payment

If you are electing to pay for the entire course (10 sessions) you will receive the discounted price of $500 ($50 per session) Please remit this amount to Venmo or PayPal before the Oct 1 start date to receive the link for the first session. Each session will have a new link and will be sent to you 24 hrs before each session:

Venmo @Erika-Berland or

Paypal (somatic performer LLC)

If you want to sign up for individual sessions at $60 per session. Remit this sum to the Venmo or PayPal accounts above at any time up to 24hrs before the session to receive the link. Each session will have a new link. 


somaticperformer [at] gmail [dot] com