Meditate Move Monday

Aki Omori


Date and Time

Every Monday (except occasional cancellation ie bank holidays etc) 


4 classes bundle £36.00 (£9.00 / class) 

Single Class £12.00

Sincle Class Concession £8


Truly delightful weekly somatic movement class.

This class is a perfect way to start your week. (8am in UK / 9am CET / 6pm ACT / 5pm Japan) 

It always starts with a short guided meditation for us to settle, meet yourself where you are and how you are. Then Aki will guide you through an exploration to embody a different element each week. Then you are given the time and space to explore in your own way and pace. Usually the class will end with a breathing practice either traditional pranayama or something more from somatic approach.

Intructor's Bio

Aki is a certified BMC® practitioner and teacher, a member of BMC®A board.  She has practiced yoga for over 30 years and taught 20 years, has been sharing somatic practices in yoga field for many years, as well as teaching somatic movement programs of her own. 

“There has been a continuous evolution in the way I practice and teach over those decades.  It became more explorational and less about form. In a way, I see forms as an expression of the inner experiences and vici versa - when we move outer form, what’s happening on the inside? Is there a coherence or harmony & orchestration among all parts of me, including our mind. It’s an enquiry - so more process oriented and less goal oriented. Also I have become less interested in ‘teachings of yoga’ as such as a guidance and it is more about being a human’ - my work and process in trauma illuminates that so well and the process and the being that emerges is spiritual without any particular ‘spiritual’ lineage attached to it.“

She is also an experienced somatic movement educator and therapist, a certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering and has a diploma in the Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, and a certified Neuro-Affective Relational Model® and an ongoing trainee of Somatic Experiencing®. 

Her teaching is gentle, yet it invites students to be in touch with the wisdom of their body and she encourages them to discover their own unique and creative path that is honest and kind. 

She is also a certified trauma therapist that all her teaching / practices are safely held and trauma friendly.  She is a faculty member in several yoga teachers trainings and somatic movement education & therapy training programs and has led trainings for yoga teachers, dancers and therapists. 

The atmosphere in her class rooms / retreats are always light and fun, yet profound. 

Contact and Payment

For booking and payment for the Monday online classes and Yoga Somatic Lab Online Monthly, please follow the link below.

For contact, please go to

aki2002 [at] gmail [dot] com