LMA Workshop

Martha Eddy and Other Instructors As Needed


Date and Time

Saturdays and Sundays 2 - 5 pm EST

Sat 9/24 Sunday 9/25 (4 hours x 2 days = 8 hours) @ 1-5:00pm EST
Sat 10/1 (4 hours) @ 1-5:00pm EST

Instructors: Ana Leon Bella and other faculty as needed

Plus Advanced Integrated Workshop: Embodied Peacemaking Using LMA with Martha Eddy 

Date: Saturday November 12th @ 12:30-3:30pm EST 


Tuition: $350 includes the tutorial and class below

(Partial scholarships available by writing to officeofmarthaeddy@gmail.com)

You receive a 50% discount for all classes if auditing and/or visiting as a CTBMD, MFLCI or DEP-SMT. 

Register for the entire workshop here 

Register just for the advanced workshop here 



Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) uses a comprehensive vocabulary and analytical framework with which to identify patterns and changes of movement. Learn to analyze the body in motion to become a more dynamic mover and communicator through understanding your movement preferences and how you relate to your environment. Investigate the many ways the body can shape itself and project into space. Discover the qualities of your own movement and how to balance them through the work of Rudolf Laban. All of our introductory workshops support somatic dance pedagogy and are useful in all areas of life.

Intructor's Bio

Martha Eddy, DEP, CMA, RSMT, EdD, and Licensed TBMC, is an international advocate of Somatic Movement Education & Therapy and speaker on Health, Wellness, and the BodyMind connection. She is the Founder and Director of the Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapy Training program, Co-Founder and Director of Programming and Research at Moving for Life, and Co-Founder and Director of Somatic Studies at Moving on Center. Dr. Eddy has served on the certification program faculty for both the School for Body-Mind Centering® and the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and is the former President of ISMETA. Currently the Geraldine Ferraro Fellow of Social Justice and Movement at Marymount Manhattan College, she has also served on the faculties at Empire State College-SUNY, Columbia, Princeton and New York Universities. The author of Mindful Movement: The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action, Dr. Eddy has a new book coming out this year titled Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation.

officeofmarthaeddy [at] gmail [dot] com