Living Anatomy Explorations in Body-Mind Centering®

Sara K. Vogeler, BMC, RMT, MFL-CTIT

60 Sutton Street, #7EN

NY NY 10022

Date and Time

Sept 9 - Oct. 28, 2021, 3:30pm to 5pm Eastern time


$100 for 8 classes, or $15 per class


In Living Anatomy® explorations of Body-Mind Centering®, we will re-visit the Series that Bonnie presented this last year (2020 -2021). The class will run on the same 8- week schedule from September 9 through October 28 to refresh our experiences with the nasal concha, the lungs, the front and back vessels of the heart, and the unified diaphragm including the pelvic floor. We will trace the bones, find the muscles, and locate the organs sitting and lying down, aided by somatizations that involve movement. We will continue with exploring Series 2, 3, and 4 in sequential months. The future topics include embryology and the Dance of Creation, the muscles of the tongue and hyoid, and the 13 pairs of cranial nerves. This will be a refresher for those who took the Series, and a great beginning for those getting started, focusing on your specific needs and questions. Please come on time, be prepared to share yourself and your face online, feel comfortable and have a place to lie down.

Intructor's Bio

I started studying with Bonnie in 1973 before graduating with a B.S. in Dance Therapy at NYU. After after apprenticing with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, I became a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher touring Europe and the U.S. with David Woodberry, Pauline de Groot, Phyllis Rose, and Andy DeGroat among others. I graduated in the first class of BMC® Certified Teachers in the early 1980's when BMC became more formalized, and joined the faculty. I cofounded the BMCA, served as president, and later as president of ISMETA. Additional trainings:  licensed in Massage Therapy in NYS, ACE certified Personal Trainer, orthopedic exercise specialist, CHEK corrective exercise, a TMJ specialist, a Moving for Life: Dance Exercise for Health® Certified Teacher for cancer recovery, and Founder and Director of The NeuroMuscular Center in 1990 in NYC where I see people with sports injuries, joint pain, neuromuscular issues, brain delays, movement challenges, or those simply in need of rejuvenation. I am a health coach specializing in insulin resistance training, natural hormone balancing, nutrition, and exercise therapy in private paractice over 48 years.

Contact and Payment

My cell phone is 646.408.6419 if you have any questions. You can pay $100 for all 8 classes, or pay $15 to PayPal or (Sara-Vogeler).

NMCmover [at] gmail [dot] com