Developmental Movement Patterns

Nina Wehnert

Danish Actors`Union // Dansk Skuespillervorbund

DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2200 København N

Copenhage, Denmark, Europe

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400Kr / 1500Kr


In human development we pass through certain stages of movement, articulation and presence. Our development begins in fluid environment, later earth, space and our social environment are our partners and we eventually become a human being that can walk.

In this workshop we will explore certain milestones of our developmental movement patterns. We delve into the beginning movement vocabulary that allows interaction in this world. We will explore folding, unfolding, yielding, pushing, reaching, pulling, holding, letting go and breathing. We will explore our relationship to earth and space in and around us. Moments of embryological development, the interrelationship of core and periphery., the inner support of a soft spine will develop. We will discover the inner organisation of the body’s function and how it balances movement, awareness, stillness and action. Even now our movements and expressions are informed by these early developmental movement patterns. When we revisit them we can find inspiration, ease and lightness in our movements. They offer the possibility to rediscover fundamental interrelations in our bodies and inne integration.

Each day we will work with very specific anatomical information, with images, hands-on and movement exploration. Every class has its unique theme in relationship to the developmental patterns. This workshop is open for participants with and without movement/dance experience.


Intructor's Bio

Nina Wehnert, BMC® Teacher, Dancer, part of the regular teaching team of moveus, dances over more than 25 years Contact Improvisation

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ninawehnert [at] gmx [dot] de
ki [at] skuespillerforbundet [dot] dk