Dance & Body Mind Centering®

Émilie Borgo
Date and Time
  • 26, 27 janvier 2019 Squelette organes et schèmes de développement moteur
  • 23, 24 mars 2019 Système endocrinien et spirales

75€ / workshop + 10 € adhésion à la compagnie Passaros


The dance and Body-Mind Centering® workshops are an opportunity to deepen the discovery of the body, the sense of touch, to optimize our movement skills and to dance.

The tools I use come from my experience as a dancer and choreographer where the fields of improvisation, the relationship with oneself, others, listening to the present moment and to our internal and external environments as well as the imagination are fundamental. As a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, I propose, during these workshops, to start from the "experiential" anatomy of the body through movement and touch. This work invites us to discover the body's systems (skeleton, nervous system, muscular system, endocrine system, etc.), each of which gives rise to specific body states, movement qualities and states of mind. The BMC® also proposes to revisit the stages of a child's development and to become aware of everyone's movement habits in order to broaden the range of possibilities. The feeling and mobility of the body's tissues are refined through movement, touch, voice and imagination. Learning gradually improves the ability to open up to change and the ability to discover new opportunities for movement.

Each workshop, with its own participants, takes on its own colour and texture; a score emerges, dances emerge, animate us and move us.

Intructor's Bio

Dancer and Choreographer
Holder of a DU in art and performance from the University of Besançon. I also studied dance, sociology and ethnology.  I am an infant motor development specialist, somatic educator and Body Mind Centering® practitioner. For many years, I have been building bridges between art and life, which I deploy through my choreographic practice. I am particularly interested in the expression of the body in its movements as well as in its silences and vibrations, occurring in the street, in the inhabitant and in nature. I dance with children, people with physical, social or moral disabilities or elderly people. In 1999, I founded the Compagnie Passaros in Bourg-en-Bresse, focusing on open creation, based on a multidisciplinary approach (dance, sound poetry, video, sound, etc.). I regularly pass on her creative work in workshops and workshops and can give individual sessions or supervision.

emilie.borgo [at] passaros [dot] fr