Body-Mind Centering® Online Somatic Classes

Alice Cummins

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Date and Time

Dates: 4 May - 15 June 2023 (Thursdays)
Time: 11am - 12.30pm (AEST)




Engaging and revitalizing through a moving exploration of the anatomy & poetics of your bodymind

In this series we will continue to cultivate a practice of attunement, with ourselves and the world in all its complexity and uncertainty. Somatic practice enables us to navigate our lives with vulnerability, presence and joy.

My teaching is infused with a philosophy of self-organisation and relational life – sustaining our  humility and our humanity. As we find our deepest connection to ourself and others we re-pattern our belief systems and invite questions about our role and place in the lived world. These offerings are infused with ethics|aesthetics and the capacity for transformation is cultivated between us.

*My focus for these 7-weeks will include the structural support of our bone and skeletal system integrated through the feeling life of our fluids and playful application of the neuro-cellular movement patterns. From the comfort and chaos of your home you can participate in these 90min classes. Make sure you have enough room to roll, spread, reach and wriggle.

Body-Mind Centering® (BMCSM) is a study of the experienced body in contrast to the objectified body. It is an embodied approach to learning, living and knowledge making. BMCSM is the ground of my somatic practice and teaching. As a study of the experienced feeling body it offers resistance to the idea of the objectified mechanical body.

These online workshops cultivated spaciousness and compassion for our selves and each other, tuning us into our liveness – physical, virtual and spiritual.
Julie Robson – performance maker and educator

Intructor's Bio

Alice Cummins MA, is a dance artist, BMCSM Practitioner and Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist. She has been researching and teaching her work nationally and internationally for over twenty years. Her process creates an environment of refined somatic awareness and generates engagement and embodied intelligence within a community of shared inquiry. Alice is the director of Somatic Wisdom, a registered training program with ISMETA.

"Body-Mind Centering®" and "BMCSM" are service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.

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