New Graduate Professional Members Discount

Join the BMCA circle!

When you graduate from a BMC certified training program you can get a 25% discount off your fees when you sign up for your first professional-level BMCA membership. This discount offer is good for 6-months after you receive your certificate. And you get 15% off when you renew the following year! Plus all the wonderful professional member benefits including:  use of the professional service marks (Body-Mind Centering® and BMCSM), access to the members-only section of the website full of reasources and information, access to the members-only forum, a free copy of Currents, the BMCA yearly journal and the quarterly electronic journal, ConCurrents, listings in the public locator and member directory, discounts for all BMCA Conferences, among many others.

This is a total potential savings of up to $66/€59!

When you join, just put your certificate date in the comments section of the application.  You will only be charged the discounted rate.

Please email admin [at] bmcassociation [dot] org (subject: New%20Professional%20Member%20discount) (BMCA) with any questions!

Don't miss out!