Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Locating a Professional or BMC Class
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What is Body-Mind Centering®?

Body-Mind Centering is an embodied approach to movement, body and consciousness.  It is a somatic education and therapy modality developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen .

What is BMCA’s contact information?

P.O. Box 710
South Hadley, MA  01075
Voicemail:  413-594-1273
Email (preferred method of contact):  operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org

To whom do I direct feedback and comments?

You can email the Director of Operations or any board member at the following addresses:operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org or board [at] bmcassociation [dot] org

I am having trouble with the BMCA website.  What can I do?

If you are having trouble with any forms or getting information from our website, some people have had success by switching browsers (for example, using Chrome instead of FireFox or using Safari instead of Explorer, etc.).  If you are still having trouble, please contact the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.


Locating a Professional & BMC Classes:

How do I find a Practitioner in my area?

On our home page in the left hand menu bar there is a ‘Locate’ button.  Enter your information there and the website will provide a list of local professionals.

How can I find someone not listed in the Locator?

Some professional members ask to not be listed in the Locator.  If you are looking for someone not listed, please contact the Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org to discuss it further.

I would like to study Body-Mind Centering®.  How do I learn more?

There are training programs around the world for BMC.  Click HERE for a listing of programs.

Is there a training program in my area?

Click HERE for a listing of programs and locations.

How do I find out about classes in my area?

You can join our mailing list and will be sent a monthly listing of classes around the world or go to our website class listings.

I would like to be listed as a Practitioner on the BMCA website.  What do I need to do?

Only professional members can be listed in the BMCA locator and in the directory.


I would like to purchase Currents – how do I do that?

You can visit our Currents page here

I would like to buy a set of back issues of Currents.  Can I do that?  How much will it cost?

Yes, you can purchase back issues of Currents although not all are available.  Also, back issues will soon be available to members online via the website at no cost.  For non-members, the cost varies.  Please email the BMCA Director of Operaitons at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org to find out more.

I did not receive my copy of Currents.  What can I do?

Please email the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org and let her know your current mailing address. 

Conference Questions:

When are your Conferences?

You can find a listing of all our current and upcoming conferences around the world HERE.

Can non-members attend the BMCA conferences?

Yes! All BMCA Conferences are open to the public.

How do I register?

Please visit our Conference page and click ‘Register’.  If there is not a link to register for your particular conference, then registration has not opened yet.  Please email any questions to the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org

How can I know my registration was received?

You should receive an immediate confirmation email that your registration was received.  If you do not receive this email, your registration did not go through.


Member & Membership Related Questions:

How do I join BMCA?

You can join BMCA at various levels, depending on your training and whether you would like to use the service marks in your marketing materials.  Click HERE to see the various levels and descriptions, including an online or mail in application form.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Many!  But to name some:  receiving the newest edition of the BMCA journal Currents, access to all back issues of Currents online, access to the member forum on our website, a discounted registration rate at our annual conference in the U.S. and Europe, email updates on the BMCA community, as well as permission to use the professional service mark, among others. 

I just graduated from a BMC program.  How do I update my membership from student to professional?

If you are joining as a professional from a student membership at your renewal date, just renew with your updated status.  If you are joining as a professional in the middle of your student membership, please contact our Director of Operations to receive a pro-rated membership at operations [at] bmcassocation [dot] org (operations)admin [at] bmcassocation [dot] org (

I am about to graduate from a BMCA program.  Should I join as a student or can I just join as a professional now?

You must be a graduate of a BMC program to join as a professional member.

What is the benefit and rate of a joint BMCA/ISMETA membership?

BMCA members enjoy a significant discount off their ISMETA membership ($35 discount) as well as access to low-cost liability insurance.   Just click that you are an ISMETA member on your BMCA membership application and that you are a BMCA Member on your ISMETA membership application.  Applications must be filled out on both the BMCA and ISMETA websites to receive the full discount.

If I join ISMETA, am I automatically a member of BMCA too?


How do I renew my membership? What will it cost and how do I pay?

To renew your BMCA membership, just login on the BMCA website.  Once you log in, there will be a link to renew your membership at the top of the page.

I forgot my user name and/or password.  What should I do?

If you forget your username, just email our BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org and she can tell you.  If you forgot your password, there is a link by the log-in that you can click to have your password emailed to you.

I don’t have the funds to renew right now.  Can I wait a few months?

Sure.  However, you must be a current professional member to use the professional service mark.  Until you renew, you may not use the service mark.

I would like to be listed in the member directory.   How do I do this?

Only current members will be listed in the online directory.  If you are a member, you can log-in and update your profile to make sure you are listed.  If you have any trouble, just email the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.

I am listed incorrectly in the Membership directory.  How do I change it?

Log-in on the BMCA website and click the link ‘update my profile.’  There will be a box towards the bottom of the page asking you if you would like to be listed in the directory or not.  You can also update or change any listing information.

I’m moving!  How can I update my address for BMCA?

Please let our Director of Operations know your updated address and contact information at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.  You can also log-in to the website and update your profile with your new contact information.

I would like to be on the member forum.  How do I do that?

Only current professional, associate, allied, and student members have access to the member forum.   If you are a member and are having trouble accessing the forum, please contact the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.

I would like to deliver a message/job posting/etc. to your members.  Can I do that?

Yes.  If you are a member, you can post directly onto the website forum.  If you are not a member, contact the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org and she can post something for you.

I would like to post a course on the BMCA website.  What should I do?

Only BMCA Professional members may post courses online.  From the Members homepage, click ‘Post a class’ to post your course offering.

How can I volunteer at BMCA?

BMCA is almost all volunteer run and can always use your help!  Click the Volunteer link on the Members homepage to go to our Volunteer page for a list of current volunteer openings.


Continuing Education:

How many credits do I need for BMCA’s Continuing Education program?

You need 8 credits per 4-year cycle.  At least 4 credits must be from classes, workshops, or study in direct BMC core material.  Learn more by clicking the Continuing Education link on the Member homepage.

How do I claim my continuing education credits?

On or before your due date, fill out the Continuing Education Form and email it or send it to the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.

How do I know my continuing education deadline?

If you are unsure of your CE deadline, email the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.  She will also send out a reminder at the beginning of each year and 1-month prior to your due date.


Mark Info:

Who can use the service mark?

Only professional BMCA members may use the service mark.

How do I know I am using it correctly?

You can download the guidelines HERE

I noticed someone using the mark incorrectly.  What should I do?

Please forward the information to the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.


I can’t find my question here.  Who do I contact?

Please email the BMCA Director of Operations at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org with any other questions.  She will be happy to help you!


Other helpful email contacts:

BMCA Board President:  Wendy Hambidge, board [at] bmcassociation [dot] org

U.S. & International Conference Committee:  operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org (email will be forwarded to Conference Chair)