Re-Joining the Circle:  Somatic Agency and Social Justice

In Person & On Line

June 22 to 26, 2022
Dennison University
Granville, Ohio

On Campus And/Or
On Zoom

Featured Presenters:
In Person – Bebe Miller 
Virtual – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

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Conference Committee:
Toni Smith, Chair

Pat Ethridge
Suze Smith
Corinne Hammet
Andromeda Graziano
Sefafima Mehhovits
Debbie Allan
Laura Gary
Diego Pizarro
Eva Maes
Amelie Gaulier
Diego Pizarro
Sarah Barnaby
Dr. Gill Wright Miller

Host: Dr. Gill Wright Miller

Artwork by: Marina Tsartsara

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There are THREE ways to volunteer for the
35th Annual BMCA Conference

  1. Donate your time at the conference. Approximately 2 to 6 hours total over the 5 day conference or consider arriving early to help. Tasks to be assigned at the conference.
  2. Onsite BMCA Members who are Zoom literate and willing to arrive two days early and/or stay one day after the conference and give 4 hours each day during the conference to assist presenters with prep, technology during their workshops/panelse/performances, Considered staff. In return, BMCA will offer free access to the conference and conference recordings, and free room & board on the Denison Campus. All staff are responsible for travel to and from the conference.
  3. Remote BMCA Members who are highly experienced with Zoom will choose 5 presentations for live Zoom support, plus 1 hour zoom prep time for each assigned presentation. BMCA will provide zoom account for prep and the conference. BMCA will offer free access online to the confrence and conference recordings.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa at