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October 1-5, 2020
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Featured Presenter: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

New Frontiers in Body-Mind Centering®

Saturday, October 3, 2pm EDT

Bonnie will present embodying facial expression through breathing, sounding & movement.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is a movement artist, researcher, educator, and therapist and is the developer of the Body-Mind Centering® approach to movement and consciousness. Her work has influenced the fields of bodywork, movement, dance, yoga, body psychotherapy, childhood education, and other body-mind disciplines. In 1973, she founded The School for Body-Mind Centering. She is the author of the books Sensing, Feeling and Action, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement, and The Mechanics of Vocal Expression, and has created numerous videos on the Body-Mind Centering approach.


All times presented below in Eastern Daylight Time (New York).

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Thursday, October 1

9:15am: Opening Circle

10:00am: Heart-Brain Axis, Lee Morgan
This class is an experiential anatomical journey of the vagus nerve relationship to the heart-brain axis. Beginning with the embryological spatial relationship underlying the heart-brain axis, we will explore fascial and movement support for ways to balance and regulate our nervous system.

12:00pm: Material for the Spine and BMC, Otto Ramstad
This workshop will be a brief introduction to Material for the Spine, the work created by Steve Paxton after Contact Improvisation. I will share how some aspects of BMC relate to Material for the Spine and how this practice, which is narrower in scope, can offer something to BMC.

2:00pm: Breathing and Moving - Finding Support by Integrating the Body's Systems, David Hurwith
Beginning by focusing on the breath as an entryway to listening to the body in its own language and having the mind transformed by the experience.  Now, we move in space and gravity as we feel sensation and emotion.  The organs and fascia offer stability without rigidity for the bones, muscles, and perceptions to travel and express.

4:00pm: Body Image and BMC, Margery Segal & Andromeda Graziano
We arrive with our bodies to a BMC session hoping to be witnessed, accepted, nurtured, challenged, and connected with. How does this enhance our body image? How do BMC practices reflect, enhance or hurt or transform our body image?

6:00pm: BMC and Compassion Training, Erika Berland
The somatic training of BMC has been integral to my contribution to Naropa University’s Mindful Compassion Initiative, which has been offering courses for the public over the last four years. Embodiment is the ground that supports the ability for empathetic resonance with another as well as  the necessary grounding to extend one's compassionate care. In this presentation, I will share the intertwining of traditional Buddhist-inspired practices with specific BMC modalities that have inspired me.

8:00pm: Addressing White Privilege in the Field of Somatics, Martha Eddy
Body-Mind Centering moves deeply into what is shared by all humanity, and it, like most somatic training, is still a predominantly white-led community.  This workshop is meant to dig into why, and what it would take for this dynamic to change.

10:00pm: Embodiment of the embryology of Heart with whole-quest for 守破離(Shu-Ha-Ri) in BMC learning, Minako Yoshida
Embodiment of embryology of heart is my life-long learning.  I am still attracted by the journey of heart, not only as a single development but along with the simultaneous movements of the rest of the body as a whole.  I would like to share this experiment with the BMC community based on the Japanese concept of the three stages of learning process to mastery, 守破離 (Shu-Ha-Ri: the fundamentals, breaking through tradition, and creating one's own technique) in BMC learning.

Friday, October 2

5:00am: Roots, Breath, Space, Nina Wehnert
Finding the roots! Balancing the front and back of the tail through the interrelationship of the diaphragms. I will offer a guided somatization and exploration in movement and breath of the relationship of cranial diaphragm, soft palate, thoracic diaphragm, pelvic floor, and their rooting into the front and back of the tail.

7:00am: Membrane, Katy Dymoke
Exploring the skin, embodying the tactile sense. Moving from the skin, into moving and touching. Exploring the kinesphere, from the center, from the periphery, from the whole. Exploring self touch and concept of stasis-motility and transition.

9:00am: ‘Going Under’ Dominant Narratives and Faulty Norms, Sarah Barnaby and Satu Palokangas
Inspired by the BMC principle of ‘going under’ as well as queer theory, the disability rights movement, decolonization, and the history of scientific paradigm shifts, this presentation will turn a critical lens to the study of anatomy and physiology. Our starting point will be cells: how might appreciating the wild diversity of cellular manifestations disrupt the artificial categories of a body system approach to anatomy and free us from the arbitrary reference point of a standard cell? We want to argue for the relevance and generativity of ‘going under’ in the practice of teaching and learning, which can be an ongoing, radical exercise in questioning and dismantling dominant narratives, allowing alternate stories and new potentials to emerge.

11:00am: What Organs Know, Wendy Loren
Listen to the wisdom of digestive organs: "our innards” by bringing in something new, mixing it around (a lot), asking for support to digest it, absorbing some and definitely letting some go. Playfully explore / collaborate/ remember the digestive system organs while moving in and out of some gentle yoga poses: their structure and location (anatomy); function and activity (physiology); motility and repose (movement and rest). Translate into other languages: muscles, bones, fluids, moving, breathing, dancing.

1:00pm: Releasing Pain from our Bodies into the Space Around Us: Are We Holding On?, Michele Feldheim
This hour long class will be about learning the beginnings of how to release physical and emotional pain into the auric field around the body. We will do several somatizations including moving from the Autonomic Fluid Rhythm, the fluids, then connecting heart to brain, and then from there expanding the heart and brain energy to outside the body.
After this we will begin the process of picking a place of pain and helping it to move outside our body with the support of the previous explorations. Giving our body/mind more room is a great addition to working with our places of discomfort. This work is my integration of BMC, Eden Energy Medicine and work from the HeartMath

3:00pm: My Hands are Your Hands, Marcella Fanzaga
I will present my online sessions, as both BMC practitioner and Occupational Therapist, with a man who has had a cerebral ischemia.  While using BMC principles on touch and sensory-motor integration, I guided caregivers or family members with my words, explanations and demonstration through the screen. Which resources, challenges, limitations, and potential do we encounter in these online facilitations?

5:00pm: The Importance of Frenectomies, Elizabeth DeLaBarre
This will be a presentation of the fascial continuity of the tongue and diaphragms, the effect of tethered oral tissues on dental/maxillary development, swallowing, breathing, and general health, and an exploration of our own mobility in our tongues, palates, and diaphragms.  Related BMC topics include mouthing, reach and pull, expanding and condensing, cellular breathing, and self and other.

7:00pm: Resilience, Resistance, and Strength: the Evolution of Tone in Utero, Tal Halevi
This guided movement meditation will explore the development of tone. The presentation will begin by embodying the primordial fluid rhythms of expanding and condensing in utero. This will be followed by the recreation of the progressive building of tone through contact with the uterine wall. The presentation will consider the ideas of resilience, resistance, and strength, and the effortless flow and play of fluidity beneath the surface of density.

Saturday, October 3

8:00am: A Collection of Fluid Spaces, Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad
We will share our artistic research practices emerging from our project "a collection of fluid spaces; a radical embryology laboratory." Using touch and movement as a doorway into our embryological history, we are creating a series of unfolding dances, participatory workshops, performance lectures, and conversations for a medical museum in Oslo in 2021.

10:00am: Dance Exercise to Stimulate Heart, Lymph, Bone, and Muscle!, Sara K. Vogeler
Using BMC principles, the class integrates stroking towards the heart (lymphatic fluid), arterial pumping (fast, high-intensity repetition), bone pressure using squats and lunging with weights to build muscle. All set to music aimed to stimulate the flow of all the fluids while having fun!

12:00pm: The Supportive Layers of the Heart, Amélie Gaulier
Through Body-Mind Centering principles and inspirations from Eastern Medicine, I will share my ongoing research through anatomical maps and a guided somatization and movement exploration. How do we approach the mind of our heart and how can we support and protect its function at a physical and emotional level? I invite participants to discover and nourish their internal landscape of sensations, noticing the vibrational and emotional tone of the heart membranes and embodying the heart as a dynamic fluid space protected by a hollow cavity and a fibrous network of connective tissue: the pericardium.

2:00pm: New Frontiers in Body-Mind Centering, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Bonnie will present embodying facial expression through breathing, sounding & movement.

3:00pm: Music with John Geno Sprague
Ambient music to move freely to, following Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's workshop.

4:00pm: Going with the Flow: Theories and Practices from the Somatic Writing Collective, Martha Eddy, Pat Ethridge, and Kate Tarlow Morgan
Somatic Writing has emerged as a literary field cross-section of the already established disciplines of dance, movement therapy, touch, and anatomical experimentation. SWC will present some participatory tools that incite the Mover to capture the arc of experience. Come jive with this new form and the ways in which language engages the body!

6:00pm: Flowing In and Flowing Out, Linda Tumbarello
In these times of being flooded with overwhelming, difficult information, it is essential that we allow both a flow in of nourishing breath, food, and information, and a flow out of what is not helpful, or needs to be eliminated and released. We will connect with our fluids, our breath and our digestive system. This workshop explores and integrates the body systems aspects of BMC with movement, self-touch and mind.

8:00pm: Open social hour, come connect with other attenddees.

Sunday, October 4

2:00am: Entering the L.A.R.E.: Embodiment as a process of listening; allowing; responding; expressing, Debbie Allan
In this guided exploration I am offering a personal approach to embodiment that has emerged during my decade-long relationship with Body-Mind Centering. ‘What is your practice’ is an often-asked question of any mover, and though I knew cellularly that I had found a nourishing practice, it became an interesting question to ‘know’ it in a way that might be articulated and shared with others. Through these 4 simple words whose initials form the acronym L.A.R.E. I hope to stimulate your curiosity and provide an interesting scaffold where you might discover something of value for your own embodied journeying.

4:00am: Midlines..., Remo Rostagno
I'll introduce the concept of midline from a Biodynamic craniosacral point of view, comparing it to the BMC explorations. Deepening into embryological moments and ignitions…

7:00am: Connecting Through Our Hands, Irene Cena
A journey moving the formation of arms and hands, referencing the heart, finding cellular presence and migration in touch, integrating through modelling clay.

9:00am: Team Cells: Syncytia & Myocytes, Christine Cole
In crucial moments during embryogenesis cells join together as teams into one cell membrane: when we enter into the uterine wall and when we mobilize our muscles. We will explore the potential of action in these multi-nucleated cells and the process of giving up individual membranes for the team through movement and somatization.

11:00am: Dancing with the Whole Child, Margery Segal
Working with children and families with special needs and medical needs: a Somatic Approach.

1:00pm: Archiving in Community, Basha Cohen, Eva Maes, & Kate Tarlow Morgan
How to hold the past, present and future from a BMC perspective? After more than 50 years of Body-Mind Centering, we want to initiate a collective mapping of this rich and diverse archive. As a reflection of BMC, created in community, we welcome all to come and share on the challenges and potential of “archiving in community.”

3:00pm: Body-Mind Psychological Skills for our Times, Susan Aposhyan
Understanding trauma, finding intimate body-felt connection via the internet, integrating verbal communication and embodiment. We will explore these processes from the perspective of the nervous system, the heart, pulsation, yield, and cellular consciousness using techniques from Body-Mind Psychotherapy and Body-Mind Centering.

5:00pm: A Journey Through Heritage and Self, Mariko Tanabe
How do we embrace and embody the layers of our ancestors in this life? Come and journey through your inner matrix and memories and move through aspects of your genesis, your fluid bodies, endocrine glands, and cells. You will be guided to dive inside and invited to move, vocalize, witness self and exchange, and it is suggested you have writing or drawing materials handy.

7:00pm: Tissue Tone, a New Level, Annie Brook
We think of the tone underneath our fingers when we use touch. Did you know you can pay attention to tone in the emotional field, your emotional social body, and in your own behavior? Come play with tone from the physical to the energetic relational!

9:00pm: Navigating, Re-Directing, and Being Where You Are, Sarah J. Locke
We are living in a time of disorientation and reorientation, reevaluating our inner and outer landscapes as well as how we inhabit and move through them. BMC and yoga provide tools for locating ourselves and each other, for navigating these terrains – practices that cultivate responsive alignment and awareness, allowing for integrated support and space, presence and movement. Embodying the capacities of the ligaments and nervous system through yoga, we will explore pathways to different perspectives and new connections, tactics to engage with obstacles and limitations, resources to discover where we are and what’s next.

Monday, October 5

7:00am: Dialogues with Immunity, Carla Bottiglieri, Patricia Gracia, & Thomas Greil
We would like to open a space for collective thinking, following key themes of our class “Dialogues with Immunity;” an invitation to reach and sustain collective enquiring and intercultural dialogue around the themes of embodied critical thinking, learning, and processing in the times of COVID-19.

9:00am: Vera’s Butterfly, Phoebe Neville
The pelvis is a dynamic complex, shaped by movement: a pair of three fused bones, joined at the Pubic Symphysis, serving as the point of origin of five muscular groups, the structure for the Pelvic Diaphragm, and the quadratus lumborum. Starting from the late Vera Orlock’s image of the pelvis as a butterfly, we will acquaint ourselves with the subtle mobility of the pelvis via drawing, self touch, developmental imagery, and movement.

11:00am: Blank Pages... How Does One Find Resolution?, Andromeda Graziano
If we think of our body-mind as a book written by us, one way is by rewriting our stories in our future blank pages, by remembering at a cellular level our past processes through the art of touch, contact, movement, and re- patterning. By remembering at a cellular level, we can move with and from the fluid in our cells, look in and out of our membranes, hold space, and create the capacity of change in our transitional fluid that flows between our cells. Through this process of embodied listening and moving, we create an opportunity to rewrite our stories, thereby offering an informed choice as to how you feel today about yesterday and tomorrow.

1:00pm: Embodied Conversation on Racialized Trauma: Applying Resmaa Menakem’s Anti Racism Work To and Through BMC, Amélie Gaulier & Sarah J. Locke
How do we engage with the reality of racialized trauma and white-body advantage (privilege) in our community of somatic practitioners, and how can we activate BMC principles and practices toward the work of creating real access to healing for all, for social justice as well as personal transformation? Resmaa Menakem’s book My Grandmother’s Hands presents research and resources for us to engage with how racialized trauma is embodied in people of all cultural backgrounds, and how it must be reckoned with and healed on both an individual and communal level. As part of a much larger ongoing process of embodiment, reflection, dialogue, and action, this Community Discussion invites an embodied conversation among people who have been working with this book (as part of the Rooted study group and outside of it), those with experience in other fields of embodied activism and social justice, and those curious to learn more about the possibilities we can cultivate by integrating BMC with somatic abolitionism. This discussion will draw from the work of a year-long study group on Resmaa Menakem’s My Grandmother’s Hands organized by Karine Bell, founder of the Embodied Trauma Conference and Rooted.

3:00pm: Ascending Out of the Collage: A History of Depth Sensibility, Kate Tarlow Morgan
Kate has been tracing literary and philosophical sources that support the practices of Body-Mind Centering for many years. From the Wu Wei of Chi Gung, to the Hebrew “wonder of body,” through the 18th c. “vital sense,” to a modernist’s “problem of the three bodies,” and finally, “projective verse” of the Beat Era, Kate will offer a conceptualizing experience for BMC work that she calls “ascending out of the collage.”

5:00pm: In conversation with Lisa Nelson: Cross-pollinating the field of somatics and improvisation, Cathie Caraker, with special guest Lisa Nelson
Lisa Nelson is a renowned dance artist and educator. In 1976, she began collaborating with Nancy Stark Smith to publish Contact Quarterly dance journal, which they co-edited until Nancy passed away on May 1, 2020. Over the decades, Lisa and Nancy have been instrumental in the articulation in writing and dissemination of Body-Mind Centering® through their interviews, editing and publishing of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s work. Lisa’s Tuning Score practice investigates the role of the senses and perception in dancing, composing, and observing. In this conversation we’ll discuss the fruitful collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas between Lisa, Nancy and Bonnie, Lisa’s ongoing research into the perceptual process, and the evolving field of somatic movement research that has grown up around the practices of BMC, Contact and other improvisational approaches.

6:15pm: Closing Circle

Presenter Biographies

Debbie Allan is a Somatic Movement Educator (Embody Move and SOMA), based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is continuing her training through Year 3 of the Practitioner Program, also with the UK and French programs.  Debbie is a contemporary dancer and movement facilitator, peer-reviewed creativity researcher, and evaluates dance science and education projects with dance companies throughout the UK.

Susan Aposhyan became a BMCSM practitioner in 1982, a BMC teacher in 1985, and developed Body-Mind Psychotherapy as an application of BMC to psychotherapy. She has been teaching and training others in BMP since 1984. Her newest book, Heart Open, Body Awake: The 4 steps of Embodied Spirituality, will be published by Shambhala Press in 2021. She previously published Natural Intelligence: Human Development and Body-Mind Integration (1999) and Body-Mind Psychotherapy (2005).

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is a movement artist, researcher, educator, and therapist and is the developer of the Body-Mind Centering® approach to movement and consciousness. Her work has influenced the fields of bodywork, movement, dance, yoga, body psychotherapy, childhood education, and other body-mind disciplines. In 1973, she founded The School for Body-Mind Centering. She is the author of the books Sensing, Feeling and Action, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement, and The Mechanics of Vocal Expression, and has created numerous videos on the Body-Mind Centering approach.

Sarah Barnaby and Satu Palokangas - Sarah Barnaby (US) and Satu Palokangas (FIN) are certified Body-Mind Centering Teachers and Practitioners. Inspired by the relationship between individuality and interdependency, this co-presentation is part of their ongoing research with cells, babies, and emergent communities, funded by the Kone Foundation.

Erika Berland is a dancer, performer, Certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, Registered Movement Therapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is a founding faculty member of the MFA: Contemporary Performance program at Naropa University, where she has taught movement, somatics, and mindfulness meditation for the past 16 years. She is the author of Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation and her contributions on BMC and theater training have appeared in a number of books on performance.

Olive Bieringa is a certified Teacher and Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering. She is the program and education director of Somatic Education Australasia, which is running the Somatic Movement Educator Certification in Melbourne, Australia. She is a dancer and choreographer collaborating with Otto Ramstad as the BodyCartography Project. She is based in Oslo, Norway.

Carla Bottiglieri, Patricia Gracia, and Thomas Greil are all certified BMC Teachers, teaching in various programs in Europe and North and South America. Their common interest and research led them to create the podcast "Dialogues with Immunity" as ongoing conversations in times of COVID-19.

Annie Brook is a certified BMC teacher, frequent assistant at BMC in Berkeley, assisted for IDME, and has had 4 years of yoga training.

Cathie Caraker is a dance artist and teacher who has been researching somatic approaches to dance education, improvisation, and performance for over 30 years. She was introduced to Bonnie's work in 1982 by Nancy Stark Smith, with whom she has worked extensively, and has been exploring the intersecting fields of improvisation, CI, and Body-Mind Centering ever since. A certified Practitioner of BMC since 1990, she also holds an MFA in Dance and teaches at dance institutions and festivals internationally.

Irene Cena started dance training when she was 7 and finished her BA in contemporary dance in 2009. She started BMC studies in 2011 and completed the practitioner program in 2017. She also participated in the Teacher training 2018-19.

Basha Cohen has been documenting Bonnie's teaching since 2009 through video, writing, and images. She is a videographer, video editor, and project manager for Bonnie's books and videos resources and online events. Basha is a graduate of the School for Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Education and the Embodied Anatomy and Yoga programs.

Christine Cole is a radical embodiment teacher, director of SomaticBODY Training, and teaches embryology, Somatics, and Contact Improvisation and BMC internationally. She believes that the body becomes alive and its wisdom can be accessed in group investigations and movement explorations.  She creates environs to elicit this radical embodied space.

Elizabeth DeLaBarre, prior to discovering BMC, was a musical theatre professional, an Iyengar yoga and Continuum Movement student and certified CranioSacral Therapy practitioner. She graduated from SBMC in Northampton in 2006, assisted in the EAY and EDMY programs, and graduated from IDME in 2008.  She has a Somatic practice in NYC that incorporates BMC, CST, VM, yoga, Continuum, and Somatic Experiencing.

Katy Dymoke is a program director, teacher, and BMC practitioner.  Also a Dance Movement Psychotherapist/Body Psychotherapist, she works with individuals and groups, often those most excluded from access to the self/body sense.

Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD, Director - Dynamic Embodiment, Licensed BMC teacher (1984), past-president ISMETA, practitioner, lecturer, author of Mindful Movement. Founder of BodyMind Dancing and Moving For Life — a non-profit organization providing free classes for people with illnesses. She has been teaching BMC since 1984. She is the Geraldine Ferraro Fellow for Social Justice and Movement at Marymount Manhattan College, where she also advises the Body, Science & Motion program. She trains people in her own systems of Moving For Life, BodyMind Dancing, and Dynamic Embodiment -- each blends BMC with Laban/Bartenieff principles.

Pat Ethridge is a Certified Practitioner who has served on BMCA’s Journal Committee and in various other BMCA capacities over the years. She lives in New York City.

Marcella Fanzaga is a dance author, teacher, choreographer, independent performer, Body-Mind Centering somatic movement educator (SME), infant developmental movement educator (IDME), Practitioner and Certified Teacher, occupational therapist, dance therapist, and psycho-movement therapist. She graduated at SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam and integrates into her work contemporary dance, release technique, floor work, butoh, Body-Mind Centering, and somatic movement, offering experiential training and movement practices to support artistic, educational, and caring professions. She is a professional member of BMCA and is registered in the Italian professional register of Occupational Therapists.

Michele Feldheim is a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of BodyMind Centering, a Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist and Professional musician. For the past five years she has been working full time with people with chronic issues using bodywork and movement therapy. Working with this population has taught her a lot about how deeply help patterns of emotional stress can bring on chronic illness. She specializes in helping people find the Autonomic nervous system in order to find a more healing way of being in the world as they unwind their chronic patterns, as well as working with the wisdom of the cellular processes and how to bring the mind to the body to promote healing.

Amélie Gaulier is a Body-Mind Centering practitioner certified in 2010 with SOMA (Paris, France). Brooklyn-based since 2015, her native country is France. Her passion for pedagogy and somatic practices leads her to see people for individual BMC private and group sessions. Amélie is also a performance artist and has taught art and movement for children and adults in different institutions and contexts for 14 years. She is involved in Authentic Movement, QiGong, Contemplative Dance Practice, and Mindfulness meditation with various teachers and approaches. Amélie has recently completed a Master Research Degree at the INSPE / UPEC, National Institute of Professorship and Education in Paris. The work focused on the engineering and training practices of artistic creation and she developed an enactive pedagogy, linking research in neuroscience and psychology. She is a Registered Professional Somatic Movement Therapist Member of ISMETA.

Andromeda Graziano trained in classical ballet at the Royal Ballet School and Merle Park Studios and in contemporary dance at Middlesex University and London Contemporary Dance School. She received a Prince’s Trust Choreographic Residency Award with the Ballet of Zaragoza and started her career as a choreographer. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher for 10 years, rehabilitated her body studying Pilates Based Body Awareness with Christine Hocking, and has taught Pilates-based classes in North London for the past 20 years. Her ongoing desire to be educated in body and mind was fueled by the birth of her son in 2005 and she trained as a Somatic Movement Educator 2008-2011 and as a Certified Practitioner 2015-2017, both with Embody Move UK, and then graduated as a Certified Teacher in 2019 with the School of Body-Mind Centering.

Tal Halevi is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher based in New York City. For the past 25 years she has explored the evolution of movement patterns as a source for choreographic invention, personal insight, and transformational experience. She is a certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering.

David Hurwith studied with BMC with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gail Turner, Vera Orlock, and Alison Zuber, among others. Mr. Hurwith dances experimentally every day, collaborates in many embodied practices, and offers Authentic Movement to this day.  As a man, David learns from his wife and son all day long.

Sarah Johansson Locke is dedicated to creating opportunities for people to learn about themselves, each other, and the world in order to live more engaged and fulfilling lives. Using an alchemy of principles and practices from the fields of art, education, and wellness, she works with individuals and groups to cultivate creativity, inquiry, and vitality through experiential learning, research, mindfulness, embodiment, creative exchange, and collaboration. A graduate of the BMC Embodied Anatomy and Yoga Program, Sarah holds an MA in Dance Education and has extensive training and certifications in several forms of traditional and contemporary dance, yoga, meditation, and somatics.

Wendy Loren is currently adapting to teaching anatomy, physiology, and pathology courses online for massage therapists after 30 years of teaching in-person. Her private practice as a licensed massage therapist, bodyworker, and RSME, deemed non-essential for 2 months, is mostly back on its feet. MS '90 (Health Education), LMT '95, EAY '15. Recent focus: Embodied Touch as a Transformative Practice.

Eva Maes (B), after obtaining a Master in History at the University of Ghent, studied dance at the International program at Cunningham Dance Studio (NY) and at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. In 2003, she met the work of Lisa Nelson and started her studies at the School for Body-Mind Centering (USA), where she graduated in 2006 as Practitioner, in 2019 as a Teacher.

Lee Morgan began studying with Bonnie Cohen 35 years ago, starting a lifelong inquiry in embodied anatomy and development. She has studied many somatic and bodywork modalities, including becoming a Feldenkrais practitioner. Lee is a Canadian-trained Osteopath in Manual Therapy, maintains a private practice in San Francisco, CA and opened a school and therapy center in India for children with special needs.

Lisa Nelson, a choreographer, improvisational performer, videographer, collaborative artist, educator, and coeditor/publisher of Contact Quarterly dance journal since 1976, explores the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement. Improvisational dance, with inherent values of collaboration, dialogue, and flexible survival strategies (biological and cultural), has been at the core of her artistic research. Her practice of Tuning Scores is an approach to real-time editing and communication, and posits the imagination as a sixth sense.

Phoebe Neville is a dancer/choreographer and company director. She studied briefly with Bonnie in the early '70s, was Certified as a Practitioner in '89, and then as a Teacher in '94. In addition, she studied all levels of Cranial/Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and some Zero Balancing. She was a Certified Assistant in the Upledger C-S training until '95, and the first US Teacher in the ACERT Program (1995-99).

Otto Ramstad is a dance artist who makes performances, video works, and installations for theaters, galleries, museums, and different site and context-specific encounters. For over twenty years he has been collaborating with Olive Bieringa as BodyCartography Project. He became a Certified BMC Practitioner in Amherst, 2002, a Certified BMC Teacher in Paris, 2012 and has an MA in Choreography from KHiO, in Oslo, 2019.

Remo Rostagno went through BMC training in Amsterdam from 1995-1999. Then he studied to become a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) from 1999-2001. Rostagno has since opened a school in Italy, "In Flow," where he has been teaching embodied Biodynamic Craniosacral Training since 2007. He loves somatic training and dance.

Margery Segal is a BMC Teacher/Practitioner, IDME, a developmental Somatic Psychotherapist, and a Prenatal Birth Attachment Specialist.

John Genyo Sprague is an award-winning musician and performer, an authorized Zen teacher, and a holistic practitioner and facilitator.  John has been providing improvisational music for movement, dance, and contemplation for over 30 years. He began working with Bonnie in the 80s and early 90s, creating music for a weekly class she taught for dancers, and also playing a couple times at her summer programs. They renewed their connection last summer, when John was the resident musician for Bonnie’s summer workshop at Pomona College. They also collaborated last September at the Somatics conference in Northampton, MA.

Mariko Tanabe is a choreographer, dancer, Certified Teacher of BMC, Director of the BMC Licensed Program in Quebec, and adjunct professor in the graduate studies of the dance department at the Université du Québec. She is a mentor and artistic consultant and works with dance companies, choreographers, and artists and at universities, art centers, and schools throughout the world.  She has been performing and presenting her choreographic works for over 35 years in Asia, Europe, and North America and for 12 years she worked with American dance master Erick Hawkins in NYC as a principal dancer and teacher.

Kate Tarlow Morgan, choreographer, BMC/ISMETA certified somatic educator and writer, has been a Rhythms teacher for 35 years and is presently working on the archive of Rhythms materials going back to the 1920s. She is editor-in-chief of Currents Journal for the Body-Mind Centering Association and editorial consultant for The Lost & Found Poetics Document Initiative at C.U.N.Y-Center for Humanities. Morgan is the author of Circles and Boundaries (Factory Press 2011), writings on dance and cultural history of New York City and co-editor of Exploring Body-Mind Centering: An Anthology of Experience and Method (North Atlantic Press 2011). Kate is co-founder of the new Somatic Writing Collective that grew out of her work with other BMC conspirators.

Linda TumbarelloLinda Tumbarello, Body Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Body-Centered Psychotherapist, has over 35 years of experience in body-mind healing. Linda was one of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s first student in 1973. She was on the faculty of the School for Body-Mind Centering®, where she taught in Amherst, MA for 30 years, as well as in the California, Amsterdam and North Carolina programs.  Since 1991, she has taught in the Dynamic Embodiment Training Program with Dr. Martha Eddy.

Linda has developed a powerful way of working with physical and emotional trauma using hands-on work, body-centered psychotherapy, and movement. She is the author of The Heart of Self Care: A Woman’s Guide to Joyful Living and Well-Being.  Linda has a private practice in Northampton, MA and offers healing retreats, supervision, advanced training for movement and touch practitioners locally, and via the phone and Zoom.

Sara K. Vogeler started training with Bonnie in 1973 in New York. Graduated from NYU in Dance Therapy in 1974, danced professionally, BMC Practitioner and Teacher since 1983. in private practice for 45 years. Co-founder of BMCA, past president of BMCA, past president of ISMETA.

Nina Wehnert is a BMC teacher, studied dance, and taught for over 20 years contact improvisation and yoga. She has spent several years teaching BMC worldwide in classes, workshops, at CI festivals, and at dance and yoga schools in Berlin. She also offers her own BMC training in Berlin and Bavaria, Germany. Since 2019 she has taught at the licensed certifying BMC programs and is part of the regular teaching team at Moveus, Germany.

Minako Yoshida took SME (Amherst, 2002) and Practitioner (Northampton, 2006) programs.  From 2004-2014, she taught BMC for special needs children and after 2014, started teaching BMC with practice and somatic education through lecture at Sophia University.