Resonance, Repatterning, and Revolution

June 23-28, 2020
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY

Main Conference:
June 24-27, 2020
Plenary with Christal Brown
Master BMC RoseAnne Spradlin

June 23/24: Bebe Miller

Post Conference:
June 27/28: Stephanie Skura

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Conference Committee:
Toni Smith, Chair
Pat Ethridge
Wendy Hambidge
Nisha Kewalramani
Kim Sargent-Wishart
Cindy Stevens
Gill Wright Miller

Host: Cynthia Williams

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35th Annual BMCA Conference


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Resonance, Repatterning, and Revolution

  • Resonance: the quality in a sound or relationship that is deep, full, and reverberating; a quality of richness and variety; a quality of evoking response.
  • Repatterning: a process of experiencing and understanding the innate patterns within and around us and embracing an experience to reorganize those which are impeding us in some way or have lost their usefulness.
  • Revolution: an invitation to change; the resolve of the current order to initiate change.
  • What resonates when somatic knowledge and ideas cross bodies and boundaries?
  • How do various somatic approaches explore the formation of patterns and encourage identification, shifts, and/or change?
  • What role does repatterning play in somatic movement education and/or healing?
  • In what ways might somatic approaches/practices be revolutionary in their emphasis on body-mind integration, listening within, and inviting change?

Header photo by Milan Panet-Gigon, BMCA 2016, Montreal, QC.