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First teacher training graduate class 1991



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Current and past students also invited
Saturday, June 9, 2018 

Carroll Hall, Smith College
Dessert and cash wine bar
$20 per person
A portion of the proceeds will benefit BMCA

Do you have photos you'd like to share? Please email them to Ellen Ferris and she will create an online album for at the BMCA photo website.

Please see the message below from Ellen Barlow of the Reunion Committee:

Dear BMCA Members

We write with an expansive sense of hopeful anticipation!  Many of us will want to attend the 2018 BMCA Conference in Northampton, MA next June.  More specifically, we will want to reconnect with friends and fellow students and graduates from the SBMC Programs from which we graduated. Practitioner Programs, Teacher Programs, SME, IDME, EAY, EDMY - - - come one, come all!    

We are planning a Reunion Party, a dessert and wine reception for Saturday evening, June 9. Come to this special class reunion event! Whatever your SBMC Program, there will be a table (or tables) for your cohort. 

In order to make it all that we hope it can be, we are soliciting volunteers for Class Representatives who will work on our Committee to reach out to others to inform, engage, and attract people to attend.

Please contact Ellen Barlow to let her know you are interested in being a Class Representative. She will provide you with the contact information SBMC has on record, and work with you on a strategy that will support your efforts and get old friends and colleagues engaged to help too. Together we can make this a grand reunion affair!

Looking forward to outreach, connection and re-connection, 

Ellen Barlow 
Michele Feldheim
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Reunion Party Committee  
2018 BMCA Conference