The committees of BMCA do most of the organization's work. If you don't see a committee below that might address an area you are interested in, contact BMCA, and offer to start one. We are always looking for new ideas. Working on a committee is a direct way to move forward your dreams and desires for the work, as well as an opportunity to interact with some wonderful, interesting people. Welcome!

Conference Committee:

The Conference Committees plan and conduct the conferences and other special membership meetings of BMCA.

North American Conference subcommittee

Toni Smith, Chair: Sarah Barnaby, Sophie Centenero, Pat Ethridge, Laura Gary, Andromeda Graziano, 
Kim Kaufman, Wendy Loren, Eva Maes, Sylvia Maes, Mary Ann Rund, Kim Sargent-Wishart, & Suze Smith
This committee organizes the annual North American Conference including finding sites, creating a call for proposals, selecting programming, marketing, continuing education, and facilitating all aspects of the conference. Volunteers welcome!

European Conference subcommittee

Inactive presently. Contact BMCA if you are interested in holding a conference or event in Europe.

Continuing Education Committee

Wendy Sager-Evanson, Chair: Pat Ethridge, Lisa Ladurantaye, Committee members
The Continuing Education Committee develops formats and oversees policies for continuing education for BMCA professional members. This committee needs members, especially Certified Teachers, to oversee the implementation of the continuing education (CE) plan. Review members CE reports, post information as needed to the website, and review the CE Program every year and revise as needed.

Ethics Committee

Eva Maes, Chair: Pat Ethridge, Tamara Milla-Vigo and Corinne Hammett Committee members
The Ethics Committee reviews and revises, as needed, the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for BMCA, addresses any ethical or legal concerns that may arise and makes recommendations to the Board regarding such concerns. They also provide education on using the BMC® registered trademark. This committee is looking for members to respond to any complaints or questions, research any revisions of Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Grievance Structure, as needed, for recommendation to Board, and to contribute to outreach around the service mark.

Finance Committee

Sarah Barnaby, Chair: Wendy Hambidge, Marila Annibelli Vellozo, Sophie Centenero Committee members
The Finance Committee creates and overseas the BMCA yearly budget. The Finance Committee works closely with the board to prioritize BMCA's resources. This committee is looking for members who have finance experience/interest or organizational expertise.

Journal Committee

Martha Eddy, Chair: Dana Davison, Pat Ethridge, Jane Kornbluh, Kate Tarlow Morgan, Wendy Sager-Evanson
The Journal Committee produces BMCA's annual journal, Currents, and the Newsletter Insert, ConCurrents. This committee needs volunteer help with marketing and distribution, advertising, and social media management.

Legacy Committee

No chair: Ellyce di Paola, Wendy Hambidge, BMCA Committee members
The Mark Transisiton Committee meets with three representative program directors and Bonnie Bainbridge and Len Cohen to discuss and plan for the future of the service marks. This committee is not accepting volunteers at this time.

Marketing-Outreach Committee

Kim Sargent Wishart, Chair
The Marketing and Outreach Commitee works on the BMCA website as well as bringing visibilty to BMCA through marketing emails, social media, and advertising. This committee needs volunteers who are interested in helping create marketing campaigns, working on social media, and who have a good eye!

Membership Committee

Sophie Centenero, Chair Mary Ann Rund, Diego Pizarro, Aki Omori, Kim Sargent Wishart Committee members | Lisa Ladurantaye, BMCA Manager of Membership Relations
The Membership Committee manages the structure of membership policies, considers affiliations of BMCA with other entities, promotes professional and public relations for BMCA, and provides outreach to potential and current members. This committee needs volunteers to handle membership questions/concerns, provide outreach at SBMC licensed programs and lapsed members, and in promotion of BMC® as a profession.

Scholarship Committee

Roxlyn Moret, Chair: Diego Pizzaro, Sophie Centenero Committee members
The Scholarship Committee overseas and makes decisions on all BMCA scholarships for the conferences and for membership fee waivers.