Weekly Class Online: Explorations In Yoga & Embodiment

Lisa Clark

Online  https://lisa-clark-yoga.teachable.com/p/thursdays-10am-1-live-weekly-class-subscription

Online  https://lisa-clark-yoga.teachable.com/p/one-live-class-per-week-subscription-1

Date and Time

Ongoing. Tuesday and Thursdays 


Monhtly Subcription $55.00 


Lisa Clark offers an embodied experience of asana, breath, and movement. Her approach explores the many layers of our form, the deepening of awareness through ongoing inquiry into the body, and a developmental approach to movement and sequencing. Her classes offer a deeply satisfying journey into self, and body mind consciousness. You can access a range of embodied yoga classes and somatic explorations with Lisa through out the week. They bring a fresh perspective to the practice of yoga, and will support your on going growth and development both personally and professionally.

Intructor's Bio

Lisa Clark  is Program  Director of the School For Body-Mind Centering® Yoga Immersion Series. She is one of the leading innovators of the integration of Yoga and Body-Mind Centering®, actively engaged in the training, teaching, and development of this form over 39 years. She began her studies of BMC® in 1984, and has worked directly with her teacher Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for four decades.

Lisa has taught thousands of students around the world, her in-person workshops and advanced training programs have been taught internationally at studios throughout the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, and South America. Her online platform Lisa Clark Yoga offers live and recorded classes, in-depth workshops, and professional trainings. Lisa is also Co-Program Director of the Taiwan BMC® Somatic Movement Education Program, in Taitung, Taiwan.

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