The Sense of Movement - From Cells to Brain Passing by the Heart

Gloria Desideri


Date and Time

Introductory class January 30th 2021 - 2:30 - 4:30pm (in English and Italian with translation)

Then 4 classes February 2nd - 23rd - 3:00 - 5:00pm (only in English)


€150 - One or more scholarships (50% of the fee) available depending on the numer of registrations


How does the experience of movement develop in us? How do the various forms of “knowledge” merge and integrate, from the life of the primary cells to the nervous system’s level of complexity? What role do blood and heart play in the relationship between the sensory state of attention, feeling emotionally and acting intentionally? 
In this online workshop, Gloria guides participants in experiencing somatic movement and progressing towards a more integrated and conscious sense of self, greater balance between activity and rest, and an increasing range of choice.

Intructor's Bio

BMC® Ceritified Teacher and Program Director in Italy since 2006, Gloria has trained several generations of BMC® graduates.With a background as a professional dancer and choreographer (1977 – 1992), Gloria integrates in her work numerous somatic and movement practices, and studies on the body-mind continuum. She has extensive experience in the field of child disability and in working with adults with post-traumatic stress symptoms. During this last year of pandemic she has explored the online format not as a subsitute for the BMC® training but as an aid to foster and enrich self-study and to maintain community bonds. 

Contact and Payment

For more information about the series of classes, please contact Gloria at or whatsapp +39 3394981834.

For information and registration, and for applying for scholarships please write to

staff_leben [at] lebensnetz [dot] it
gloria.desid [at] gmail [dot] com
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