The Living Body- a BMC® Workshop


The Embodying Space,



The Philippines

Date and Time

Sat December 8th & Sun December 9th, 2018



Course Fee: Php 15,000 (regular rate)
Php 13,000 (early bird until Nov 15)
Php 12,000 (first 10 sign ups until Oct 31)


The Living Body

A Body-Mind Centering® Workshop

with Noa Rotem

Access your body’s innate intelligence, poetry, and love of movement.

In this 2-day The Living Body workshop, we will focus on the BASIC NEUROCELLULAR PATTERNS, one of the major aspects of the BMC® body of work, that describe the developmental patterns of movement and perception found in the human body from conception to infancy. These patterns echo the evolution of life on earth from single-celled to complex multi-celled organisms.  By consciously exploring these patterns as adults, we can:

  • Apply the patterns as a foundation for any movement modality, physical activity, and exercise;
  • Promote healing of illness, injury, and conditions related to poor posture, range of motion, and inefficient movement;
  • Gain a greater capacity for freedom and ease of everyday movement;
  • Re-integrate patterns that may have been previously blocked by our experiences growing up;
  • Support transformation on an emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual level.

With continuous practice and awareness, we manifest greater joy of movement and a restored sense of wholeness and well-being.

The Living Body is designed for anyone with an interest in movement, calisthenics, dance, the arts, fitness, yoga, meditation, therapy, and somatic practices.

No experience is necessary!


Intructor's Bio


Noa is a theatre and movement artist with an interest in the relationship between embodiment and performance. As well as graduating in both Psychology and Acting and training in dance , she also graduated from Somatic Movement Education program at the SOMA school of Body Mind Centering ® in Paris. A dominant line of enquiry permeating Noa’s work is the transformative role of art-making in both our individual lives as well as in the whole, and how this restores deep connection- to self, each other, and the world at large.  Noa spreads her time between Australia, Israel, South East Asia, and Europe.

Contact and Payment

email or Whats App at +639178474168