The Fluid Spine


Mullumbimby, Australia 

Date and Time

17th June



AUD70/65 concession


It is through the spine that we experience and express the foundation of our sense of self within the matrix of space around us.
In this 3-hour workshop, we will explore the movement potential of our central axis as our organisational and energetic core.

Some of the areas we will investigate include:

-The movement potential of the different vertebrae, and how initiation of movement from different parts of the spine can support a broader movement range
-The flow of movement sequenced along the spine
-How the spine as a whole creates a delicate balance between flexibility, stability and protection for the nerve fibres that run through it
- The embryological ‘soft spine’ (the notochord) and its ripples of support in our adult body
- The integration of the head into our experience of our axis
-The relationship between the central axis and the upper and lower limbs

What to expect:
While particular emphasis will be placed on the ways that this somatic enquiry informs our dance,
There will also be;
- Cognitive and experiential anatomical sharing
Hands-on partnered exercises
Time for integration through movement, touch, breath and sound

Intructor's Bio

About the Practitioner:

Noa Rotem is a director, performer, somatic movement educator and facilitator. She has worked and trained extensively in Australia and overseas as a freelance artist and with companies such as The Human Theatre, The Danger Ensemble, Little Dove Theatre Art and the SITI Company (NYC). She is a graduate of the Soma School of Body-Mind Centering® (Paris), HaKvutzah School of Dance (Tel Aviv), the University of Sydney and of the Actor’s College. She is also a co-founder of Mullumbimby’s own MaKom Collective.
Noa has taught widely at a range of international professional companies (eg. Metta Theatre, Manila, Queensland Ballet) tertiary institutions (eg. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, QUT, University of Asia & The Pacific), secondary schools and youth companies
Noa's training includes Dance Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering®, The Viewpoints, The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Contemporary dance, Authentic Movement, The Morris Technique, Butoh, Gaga, Contact Improvisation, Practical Aesthetics, The Meisner Technique, and Yoga.


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