The Basic Neurocellular Patterns with an Embryological Foundation in the Practice of Yoga: The Early Prevertebrate Patterns, Creating the Ground of Movement for Asana Practice

Lisa Clark Director with Faculty: Roxlyn Moret, Patty Townsend, Bob Lehnberg, Gale Turner

Date and Time

November 13 - December 19, 2021


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The Basic Neurocellular Patterns establish a foundation on which we build our movement, physical, perceptual, emotional and cognitive process. They guide our interaction with gravity and space, our sense of self, and our relationship with others and the environment.

Each movement pattern is a reference point to experientially explore and gain insights into your practice. Once fully embodied they allow us to enter with more ease into the fullness of our being, and to live our lives with greater confidence, flexibility, and presence.

The Early Prevertebrate Patterns - Vibration, Cellular Breathing, Sponging, Pulsation, and Navel Radiation - establish a foundation for the consciousness of yoga and the ground of movement for asana practice. These patterns occur as a continuum of internal fluid movements that create the baseline for the flow of Prana and life force throughout the body, eventually expressing as external movement, sequencing, and flow.

Vibration is the underlying phenomenon of rhythmic condensing and expanding waves that create our universe.

Cellular Breathing is the condensing and expanding rhythm of Vibration as it transforms into the being and breathing of our cells within the fluid environment of the body, and the taking in and sending out of nutrition through the cell membranes.

Sponging is the initial impulse to move as fluids transition between the cell membranes, it is the transition between being and doing.

Pulsation is the wavelike ebb and flow of our inner sea, creating movement throughout our cellular matrix and tissues.

Navel Radiation carries these inner movements into external movement, establishing a radial symmetry of our six limbs ( head, tail, arms, legs ) around our deep navel core.

Embryological Foundations. To deepen our embodiment of the early prevertebrate patterns we will explore the early embryological development that informs each of the patterns. Beginning with the inner quietude of our egg and the dynamic motility of our sperm, we will explore how we created our own nourishment and protection as a foundation for self being.

Course Details:  Available for the first time in a virtual format, particpants can attend live and/or watch recordings on your own time schedule. Classes are interactive and experiential, with time for exploration, questions, and application. Each course is 50 hours of embodied learning that will enrich your practice, provide a foundation for teaching others, and serve as an online library with lifetime access to all recordings.

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Lisa Clark is Education Director of the School For Body-Mind Centering® Yoga Immersion Series. She is one of the leading innovators of the integration of Yoga and Body-Mind Centering®, actively engaged in the training, teaching, and development of this form over 38 years. She began her studies of BMC℠ in 1984, and has worked directly with her teacher Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for four decades.

Lisa has taught hundreds of students around the world, her in-person workshops and advanced training programs have been taught internationally at studios throughout the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, and South America. Her online platform Lisa Clark Yoga offers live and recorded classes, in-depth workshops, and trainings. Lisa is also Co-Educational Director of the Taiwan BMC℠ Somatic Movement Education Program, which begins summer 2022.

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