Study Group for "The Role of the Brain" taught by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Sara K. Vogeler, RSMT, BMC®, LMT, MFLCI, AOMT

Study Group for the Role of the Brain 



Date and Time

Friday May 19 at 5pm, Friday May 26th at 1pm Eastern 

Zoom link:  (no password)


$10 if possible to Sara-Vogeler on VENMO or PayPal (1.646.408.6419)


Two Friday classes to follow up Bonnie's two-week series on the Role of the Brain (which meets Mondays and Thursdays.) The Study Group will meet twice: Friday May 19 at 5pm Eastern, and early at 1pm on Friday May 26 Eastern due to Memorial Day Weekend.

Intructor's Bio

I started studying with Bonnie in 1973 when I attended NYU and have taught and assisted in the School for BMC®. I published a book in June of 2022 based on many BMC principles called The 10 Best Ways to SUPERCHARGE your health. Founder and Director of The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc. in NYC in 1990. Apprentices with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, and performed with David Woodberry, Pauline de Groot, Andy De Groat, Phyllis Rose. Taught anatomy for dancers, BMC® and massage students at Marymount Manhattan College, Opleiding Moderne Dans, College of Health Sciences, and The Pacific College of Health and Science.

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Contact and Payment

$10 if possible to Sara-Vogeler on VENMO or PayPal (1.646.408.6419).

My email is and my phone is 1.646.408.6419.

NMCmover [at] gmail [dot] com
NMCmover [at] gmail [dot] com
NMCmover [at] gmail [dot] com