Somatics & Photography

Kim Sargent-Wishart


Date and Time

Fridays 1-2:15pm Melbourne time - alternate weeks 3 June - 12 August
(3 & 17 June / 1, 15 & 29 July / 12 August)

Fridays 11am Perth / 12:30pm Adelaide / 3pm Auckland
USA: Thursdays 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern

Or in your own time via recordings.



Sliding scale fees $60-120 AUD


This course introduces contemplative photography from an embodied, somatic approach drawing on Body-Mind Centering®. In weekly zoom classes experience guided somatic movement meditations that engage perceptual process. Play with ways of attending to and framing experience, and evoke creative perspectives on movement and the visual world. Meditation practice leads into a weekly theme to guide your contemplative photography practice for the week.

Some of the themes we will touch on:

-synchronizing mind, physical presence, camera and environment
-noticing and framing fields of colour, texture, pattern, space, light and shadow
-form & emptiness in somatic and visual perception
-surfaces of contact, reflection, connection and mystery
-contents, story & relationship
-vibration & liveliness in matter
-movement in stillness and stillness in motion

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Intructor's Bio

Kim Sargent-Wishart (RSME, RSMT, PhD) is an artist, researcher, educator & writer specializing in somatic education, physical practices & contemplative photography. Research interests include experiential embryology and physiology as models for creative practice, the life cycle, the things we leave behind, and everyday beauty. Kim loves teaching somatic and creative methodologies for a range of audiences in support of personal, professional and creative development.

A Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, Kim has practiced movement education and bodywork since the early 1990s. Her arts practice is influenced by Miksang contemplative photography and dance/movement improvisation. Kim is the co-editor of The Art of Embodiment (2021), and the Administrative Director of Somatic Education Australasia (SEA), offering the Body-Mind Centering® licensed Somatic Movement Education program in Melbourne.

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Online bookings at

kim [at] kimsargentwishart [dot] com
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