Somatic Systems: Body-Mind Centering® & Movement 8-week series

Kim Sargent-Wishart


Date and Time

27 April – 22 June (no class 18 May)
Tuesdays 10-11am Melbourne time (US Fridays 5pm PST/8pm EST)


$40 - $160 Sliding Scale


Our cells collaborate to create tissues and systems, which co-create the larger ecosystem of our body and mind. The expression and mind of each system brings a different range of qualities to presence.This 8-week series introduces the body systems – fluid, organ, endocrine, muscle, ligament, fascia, skeletal, nervous – as a ground for somatic movement and dance. Explore how each system supports warming up and settling in, how they help modulate responsiveness, clarity, flow, attention, strength and connectivity, while generating new movement possibilities. Class time includes guided movement, improvisation, drawing and writing. Recordings available to participants.

Intructor's Bio

Kim Sargent-Wishart (RSME/T, PhD) is an Australian-based artist, researcher, educator & writer specializing in somatic education and creative practice. A certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, her arts practice embraces contemplative photography, dance improvisation, and an interest in everyday beauty. Kim has a BA in Dance (Wesleyan University) and a PhD in Performance Studies (Victoria University), and is currently the co-director of Somatic Education Australasia. Visit

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