Relationship Ready

Annie Brook
Date and Time

August 20th 1-4 pm MT

3 hour Seminar on Relationships and Attachment live online with Annie Brook


Seminar is free with course subscription.


Become embodied and resilient to enjoy relastionships.

Find out how to find nourishment, rather than continual conflict or effort. 

Find out what lives inside the ANS reactions that only show up in partnership. Discover if your house is "breathing," what to do, and how to use somatic tools to help you stay connected, relational, and regulated under stress.

Online: available 8/12 ongoing.

3 hour seminar on Attachment August 20th free when you join this course. 

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Intructor's Bio

Annie Brook has over 4 decades experience helping individuals, couples and families. She loves sharing the tools that heal; getting somatic embodiment support to find more joy, love, teamwork, and healthy parenting and problem solving.

She is a licensed Psychotherapist, a somatic educator, and has presented in conferences world-wide. Annie blends the best of BMC® principles with the depth work of psychotherapy for a rich offering that supports real and lasting changes in life and behaviors.

outreach [at] anniebrook [dot] com
outreach [at] anniebrook [dot] com
outreach [at] anniebrook [dot] com