MOVING - staying connected to oneself and the world

Friederike Tröscher

Online Classes

Date and Time

November 26, December 3, 10, 17
5-6:30pm Central European Time


Donation 10-20€ per class. If this is not possible for you contact me.


MOVING - staying connected to oneself and the world.

By experiencing one’s body in a deep way we can find how our states and feelings, our moods and thought processes can be perceived and moved very physically. The primary desire to be in trusting, nurturing and safe contact becomes very palpable for many of us in this time of distancing and reduced contacts. These four classes offer a frame to get into deep contact with yourself and feel your place in the world. Guided somatizations into the rich world of internal movements and perception of self, transition into external movement and connection with the world around. We will move with and from a variety of foci from cellular-fluid, developmental and embryological as well as body-systems / tissues.

Thursdays on November 26, December 3, 10 & 17, 2020, from 17-18:39h (5-6:30pm)
Classes are held via Zoom and can be taken individually.

Intructor's Bio

Friederike moves in the field of somatics and dance since over 30 years. With background in dance, occupational therapy and several body oriented approaches she is actively and internationally teaching for over 20 years. A teacher of Body-Mind Centering® she is involved in setting up licensed BMC trainings since 2003, directing moveus, the official BMC training in Germany since 2007. Into her teaching she brings her rich experience, her passion for process and the continuous wonder about the unfolding of life.
Friederike is mother of two children and lives with her family in Rhöndorf / Cologne region, Germany

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info [at] bmc-ft [dot] de