Moving For Life Certified Instructor Training begins tomorrow

Martha Eddy and guests


Date and Time

March 7, March 28 and 29, June 13th plus several Sunday Afteroon Eastern Standard Times   Also attend Moving For Life lectures and classes are offerd for free and then processes.


$1800 with discounts for BMC certified community


MOVING FOR LIFE DanceExercise for Health® is dedicated to helping older adults and people of any age affected by cancer, through free and low-cost dance exercise classes offered at hospitals, health and wellness centers, libraries and other community-based sites. Our methods are supported by research that confirms engagement in therapeutic dance improves quality of life, speeds up recovery time, enhances survivorship, and reduces the chances of recurrence.  Many MFL teachers have 15+ years teaching experience, higher degrees and/or somatic education. They are carefully trained provide easy to follow, personalized instruction, adaptable to each student. Some are older adults or are cancer survivors themselves.

Intructor's Bio

Martha Eddy, CMA, EdD ​is a licensed Teacher of BMCSM since 1984, an exercise physiologist, a dance educatorperformer,  (RSMT)  Columbia University doctorate in Movement Science and Education. ​Began BMC studies in 1976 before there was a certification program, and graduated with the first class in 1982, gaining her Teacher Certification in 1984.  She wrote the book Mindful Movement – the evolution of the somatic arts and conscious action over 15 years. Currently Ferraro FEllow of Social Justice and Movement, &​ supervises the Body Science and Motion students at Marymount Manhattan College. Martha ​worked​ on the certification faculties​ for both the School for Body-Mind Centering® and the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies from 1984 to 1994 ​(alternating summer and year-long programs with each), and assisted directly with Irmgard ​Bartenieff ​from 1979-81. She moved to Amherst in 1988, together with Gale Turner, to help Bonnie launch and teach the yearlong 1988 – 1990 program. She merged the BMC &Laban/Bartenieff work in 1990 creating Dynamic Embodiment SMT, co-founded Moving On Center with Carol Swann in 1994, began Moving For Life in 1999 in response to her mother's death from cancer, The Center For Kinesthetic Education in 2001 for working with children in NYC schools.

Contact and Payment

teachertraining [at] movingforlife [dot] org
drmarthaeddy [at] gmail [dot] com
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