Landscapes of fluidity

Nina Wehnert

Verein Selbstlaut, Thaliastraße 2/2A, 1160 Wien


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190€ until 10.2.23 / 220€


The fluids of our bodies connect and move us in many ways. In this workshop we explore the internal flow through different tissues. How fluidly they move, supply and connect with each other. Going into the perception and embodiment of the fluids we create potential for freedom in movement, letting go, suppleness, lightness as well as deep connection to ourselves and the world around us. Spiraling fluids move through the body creating directions and space. We experience different rhythms, dynamics, as well as deepest inner peace and calmness. The fluids provide the ground for balance and equilibrium in our nervous system.

Through subtle perception, anatomical information, touch and movement, we use the fluids to move into dancing alone and into Contact Improvisation duets and trios. Aspects of the nervous system will flow in and accompany us.

Intructor's Bio

Nina Wehnert, BMC® Teacher, dancer, dances since more than 25 years Contact Improvisation, is in the regular teaching team of moveus and is teaching at CI Festivals, dance and yoga programs

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