Foundations of Touch, Our Fluid System

Bob Lehnberg

Nortth Carolina Massage School, Cornelius, NC (near Charlotte)

Date and Time

Saturday and Sunday, April 27th, 28th, 2019


$120.00 each day


Foundations of Touch: Establishing Cellular Dialog
In this foundational class students will identify and experience how essential cellular being and cellular touch can have a profound effect on both their own and their clients’ somatic (bodymind) being. Underlying cellular being is our own cellular breathing which incorporates and unifies the entire bodymind. It provides a grounding in the present and allows our fuller being and possibility to arise.

Our Fluid System: The Body’s Dynamic Matrix
Our body has a cellular and interstitial fluid foundation. These fluids traverse membranes to transform into blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), synovial fluid and lymph. Each fluid expresses and is receptive to different qualities of somatic presence and touch. We will explore and discern the qualities of grounded, weighted bloodful touch (including arterial, venous and capillary- isoring qualities) and the rarified, spacious cerebrospinal fluid rhythm. The balance of fluid presence, touch and movement lies between these two. Along with knowing your client’s affinities, developing your range of fluid connection will aid you, the massage therapist & bodyworker to communicate and facilitate transformation in your client.

Each class offers 6 NCBTMB CEUs (provider #1372)

Intructor's Bio

In 1990, Bob received his certification as Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and in 2002 Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®. Since then Bob has received teacher certifications for BMCSM Yoga, Integral Yoga and Qigong. He has been teaching in schools of massage therapy and programs of somatic training since 1990 and has taught BMCSM​​​​​​​ in the US and internationally. From 2007-2018, Bob served on the core faculty of the Kinesthetic Learning Center in Durham, NC teaching and coordinating the Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Educator and Practitioner certification programs.

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