Foundations in Embodied Anatomy and Yoga: HOMEOSTASIS: Endocrine Tissues, Nerve & Immune Systems

LIsa Clark & Amy Matthews

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Ave | Suite 305
Dallas, TX   75219

Date and Time

January 4-6, 2019 and April 26-28, 2019

9:00 - 4:00 each day


  $495 (30 days prior) / $540 After


Homeostasis is a dynamic and shifting state of constant communication and inter-responsiveness. The Endocrine, Nervous and Immune Systems play a primary role in shaping and modulating this organism-wide balance. When we clarify the roles of these systems we begin to unravel commonly held assumptions about specific things like sympathetic/parasympathetic, the role of the pituitary gland, or the idea that immune cells are all about defense, as well as bigger ideas about balancing ‘being and doing.’ Exploring homeostasis can help us understand personal and transpersonal states of consciousness, and change how we perceive ourselves in the moment and in the environment. 

Intructor's Bio

Lisa Clark is one of the leading innovators of the integration of Yoga and Body-Mind Centering® and has been actively engaged in the training, teaching and development of this form over 36 years. She is the current Program & Education Director of the BMC & Yoga Immersion Series: Foundations In Embodied Anatomy, and was Program Coordinator and Developer with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for the BMC EAY & EDMY Programs in Amherst, MA from 1999-2005, faculty and teaching assistant in the EAY NYC program 2005-2007, and Program/Educational Director of the European BMC EAY program in Berlin, Germany 2009-2012. She leads workshops and advanced training programs internationally at studios throughout the United States, Europe, China and South America. She has been a featured teacher at Yoga Journal Conferences, Omega Institute, and Kripalu Center.

Lisa Clark, Founder and Executive Director of EmbodiYoga Lisa Clark® brings 40 years of study, personal practice, teaching and living yoga to her workshops and teacher trainings. A teacher’s teacher, she has spent a lifetime merging enigmatic yogas with current up-to-date somatic experience and exploring how the body-mind expresses itself. Lisa, ERYT500 with Yoga Alliance and a registered International Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, is a certified Teacher/Practitioner of Body Mind Centering®. Yoga has been Lisa’s passionate love for over 40 years, and she brings a rich lifetime perspective and broad professional understanding of the field of yoga, somatics, and body-mind practices. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC where she has a private movement & yoga therapy practice. EmbodiYoga Lisa Clark® is the synthesis of her life’s work, offering professional teacher trainings, classes & workshops since 2002.

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