Embodied Physiology Workshop

Michelle Cohen with Other Instructor


Date and Time

Sunday October 9th @ 10:30-1:30pm EST 

Sunday October  23rd @ 10:30-1:30pm EST 

Sunday November 6th @ 10:30-1:30pm EST 

Sunday December 4th @ 10:30-1:30pm EST 

Sunday December 11th @ 10:30-1:30pm EST 


Cost for the entire workshop: $350

Register here for the entire workshop (15hrs) 

Cost for the application class: $85

Register here for Application Class with Martha Eddy only



12 hours detailing seven body systems as experienced in Dynamic Embodiment and Body-Mind Centering®. Learn the location and embodied function of our physiology. Experience movement that brings consciousness and health through skeletal alignment, muscle strength, balanced hormonal glands, sensing diverse organs, activating varying fluid rhythms, embracing our fat, and calming the nervous system, all at the heart of BodyMind Dancing and Moving For Life. 

Learn about your own inner body including the action of your 7 body’s systems,  integrating skills and philosophy from Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and DE. Required course for both CTBMD and DESMTT students (separate from tuition). No previous experience necessary.

Intructor's Bio

Michelle Lynn Cohen, MA, RSMT/E, DEP, CTBMD passionately brings together the power of movement, somatic awareness, dance, coaching, ritual, and earth-based spirituality as a pathway to learn, heal, and embody your full self and potential so your movement in life is deeply aligned and connected to your core being.  As a certified Dynamic Embodiment™ Practitioner (DEP), she combines her mastery of movement and listening to the body with a unique form of coaching called Sacred Depths that focuses on purpose, inner processing, and aligned outer action. Michelle also has a Master’s degree in Dance & Somatic Well-being and is a certified Body-Mind Centering® Embodied Anatomy Yoga Teacher.


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