Embodied Movement Explorations: Audio Recordings

Amy Matthews
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These 45-minute audio recordings weave together all the things I’ve learned in my study of BMC, movement analysis, yoga, anatomy, developmental movement, embodiment and embryology.

They are based on a class that I’ve taught in NYC every week since 2003 – a lot of the class time is spent yielding, coming into relationship with your body on the floor. The ability to yield and feel your self and to give and receive support underlies the embodiment process for me, and can be the hardest part of doing these practices… maybe because it’s about doing less instead of doing more.

Each EME begins with time to settle, yield and arrive. I’ll introduce a variety of ways into that settling, and then begin to suggest ways to focus your awareness on different structures, movements or patterns in your body. Then I’ll offer ways to move – sometimes the suggestion is quite general, sometimes it’s quite specific. (When the movement is specific, I usually have an idea I’m leading up to – but the terrific thing about having this recording is that you can do it your way one time, and do it the way I suggest another time.)

The movement ideas are generally based on the Bartenieff Fundamentals, or variations on the Fundamentals that illuminate the question I’m exploring. Each EME ends with an X-Roll (my personal favorite of the Fundamentals) and a short rest or savasana. Feel free to skip the X-Roll and extend your savasana as long as you like.

These sessions are more about the practice than the content … spending time in the questions and seeing what comes up, and doing it over and over and over again, letting it be different each time, or the same.

Go to https://embodiedasana.com/online-courses/#c for a free sample class. Listen and see if you’re interested in hearing more.

Intructor's Bio

Amy Matthews, CMA, IDME, BMC Teacher, RSMT/RSME has been teaching movement since 1994. She is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and a yoga therapist and yoga teacher.

Amy is the co-founder and co-director of Babies Project with Sarah Barnaby. Previously she was a director of The Breathing Project and co-authored with Leslie Kaminoff the best-selling book Yoga Anatomy (published by Human Kinetics).

Amy is a Program Director for the School for Body-Mind Centering, Educational Director of the SME Program for Moving Within in Oregon, and teaches on SME & IDME Programs in the US, Germany, and Italy. She taught for four years with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen in Berkeley, CA, and was on the faculty of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies for 10 years.

Amy has participated several times in Gil Hedley’s dissection workshops and has studied kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd and BMC with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She has studied yoga with Alison West, Mark Whitwell, Genny Kapular and Kevin Gardiner, and full-contact karate with Sensei Michelle Gay.

Amy is certified as a yoga teacher and as a Motherhand Shiatsu practitioner, is registered with ISMETA as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator and has been registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT. She teaches embodied anatomy and movement workshops for programs in the US and internationally, and works privately integrating Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, yoga, Body-Mind Centering and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

spiralamy [at] embodiedasana [dot] com