Circulation Project Online: Elemental Dynamics 6-week course

Kim Sargent-Wishart


Date and Time

21 July – 25 August (6-week series)
Zoom class Tuesdays 10-11:30am AEST
8am Perth//9:30am Adelaide//12 noon Auckland
USA: Mondays 5pm PDT/8pm EDT


$45/$80/$120 AUD fee options


The elements are often used to represent the fundamental dynamics of creative activity and material composition. This course draws on the Tibetan system of elements – space, air/wind, fire, water and earth – as it relates to embodiment, movement, and creative arts practice. Class time will include guided movement practice based in Body-Mind Centering®, prompts for writing, drawing, and/or movement exploration in your own space, and discussion with a focus on application to your own projects.

Intructor's Bio

Kim Sargent-Wishart (RSME, RSMT, PhD) is an artist, researcher, educator & writer specializing in somatic education, physical practices, contemplative photography and screendance. Her research interests include embryological and physiological processes as models for embodiment and creative practice, the life cycle, the things we leave behind or overlook, contemplative photography & perceptual process, and everyday beauty. She is a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®.

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