Breath into Movement - Complexity grounded in Simplicity

Friederike Tröscher


Date and Time

April 26 - May 31, 2021


15-25€ per class


Breath allows us to experience the underlying and ever-present life-motion of widening - condensing, - expanding - contracting. This movement is present in our first cell as well as all the cells of our complex body. It is the ground to which we can orient. It is the starting point for the unfolding of complex movement patterns and dynamics, which in turn rest in the simplicity of breath. This series focuses on early developmental movement and the fluids.


Intructor's Bio

Friederike Tröscher is a BMCSM teacher and director of the Body-Mind Centering® certification program in Germany. Her background is in occupational therapy, dance, rebirthing, and other somatic approaches. With her family, she lives in the area of Cologne, Germany.

Contact and Payment

payment through paypal or bank transfer. More information provided upon registration

info [at] bmc-ft [dot] de