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Recordings available for Level 1 BMP full training


$175-200 for Parts One, Two, and Three, partial scholarships available

$500 for Full Training, partial scholarships available

$700 for Full Training and three online support meetings live with Susan, partial scholarships available


Body-Mind Psychotherapy (BMP) is an approach to somatic psychology that is based in Body-Mind Centering®, neuroscience, traumatology, embodied spirituality, movement, and compassion. Developed by Susan Aposhyan, BMP is acknowledged to be one of the most embodied and nuanced integrations of the body into psychological healing. Susan has written two books which serve as support to BMP training: Natural Intelligence: Body-Mind Integration and Human Development and Body-Mind Psychotherapy, about which Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen wrote: "A truly remarkable book. Susan has beautifully woven in intricate patterns, the history and current research in psychophysiology. Based on her own in-depth awareness and compassionate understanding of the process of embodied presence, Susan shows readers a dynamic and illuminating pathe leading toward profound emotional healing. This book definitely qualifies as a standard text for the field of body-oriented psychology."

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Susan Aposhyan is a certified practitioner (1982) and teacher (1985) of BMCSM. She developed her work Body-Mind Psychotherapy and Embodied Spirituality over the last 30 years and trains people internationally in this work. 

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