Body-Mind Centering® series


Camping Town, 14 rue de la Comète, 1210 Brussels                                                                                            

Date and Time

Sat September 15, Sat October 20, Sat November 10, Sat December 15, 10h-14h


120 euro if you follow all  four labs, 35 euro /lab if you can not attend to all                                                                                                                       


In four labs at Camping Town, we will touch on different themes in relation to space, time and weight with Body-Mind Centering® explorations and principles as our guidance. Body-Mind Centering® is an approach to movement observation, research, and therapy, artistic inspiration initiated by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Exploring the language of the ‘moving body’ through the whole spectrum of anatomical structures (bones, muscles, organs, glands, ligaments, nervous system, ‘fluids’, senses, …) and through the developmental roots of our movement patterns. Guided movement, experiential anatomy, ´hands-on´ (touch), voice, improvisation & dance our exploration tools. The workshops are open to anyone who has a sincere interest in exploring, articulating, learning from the physical roots of our ‘being’. Previous experience with Body-Mind Centering®, movement and dance is welcome, but not necessary.

Themes that we will deepen in the different Saturday labs are ´potential´, ´memory and volume´, ´resistance & tensegrity´, ´pause´. In the Spring of 2019, two entire weekend workshops (Sat Feb 9, Sun Feb 10 & Sat Apr 27, Sun Apr 28) will be offered at Studio Hybrid, in which the themes will be deepened in relation to interests, pathways that will arise from the four labs.

Class will be taught in English, Dutch and/or French, depending on the needs of the participants.  Preferably you can participate in the entire series of labs, but you are also welcome to join for one lab or a few.

Saturday, September 15: ´Potential´ Exploring through movement, touch, and improvisation our earlier stages of embryological development and its ´heritage´, that is still informing us about our present orientation of movement and space we want to engage within what Bonnie has named ´the place of space´. A fluid rhythm, presence, and awareness of the full potential embedded in our physical being.

Saturday, October 20: ´Memory and volume´ Organs provide volume from within for our skeletal-flesh ´container. And of course, do they execute many vital functions. In Body-Mind Centering the realm of the organs is also approached as the natural environment of our ´emotions, aspirations, and the memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories´*. Exploring our innate sensibilities, with this intriguing capacity of our physical structure to store time; innate sensibilities that guide our movement and/or dance at all times.

Saturday, November 10: ´Resistance and tensegrity´ Our muscles offer us the elastic forces that move the bones. Embodying muscle functioning and exploring the interplay with the other ´guidance´ of our movements through space: our ligaments. Organization and balancing of both inner and outer based focus of movement.

Saturday, December 15: ´Pause´ Through the exploration of ´sitting in the synapse´, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen offers a way to balance our autonomic nervous system and focus our energy. In this lab we will explore how both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system dance their ´dance of the autonomic nervous system.

*Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Sensing, Feeling and Action, Contact Editions.

Intructor's Bio

Eva Maes (BE) studied dance at the International program at Cunningham Dance Studio (1999-2001, NY, USA). During her training period in New York, she had a chance to study also with Janet Panetta (Classical Dance); Dianne Madden, Mariah Maloney (Trisha Brown Technique & Repertory), Barbarah Mahler (Klein Technique), K.J. Holmes,Vicky Shick,ea .In 2003 she met the improvisational work of Lisa Nelson’s, leading to more workshops and collaborations with her and within the group ‘Tuning Space- Brussels’. In the same period she started her studies at the School for Body-Mind Centering® (Chiemsee, GER and Northampton, USA), where she graduated in 2006 as a Body- Mind Centering® Practitioner (Somatic Movement Education & Therapy). She holds a Bachelor Degree and Teacher Training Degree from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, School of Arts. She has been assisting Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in various workshops in NY, Brussels, Bratislava, Berlin, Amsterdam as well as for Soma in Paris. Other collaborations in dance: Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low (NY, 2004), Anouk Llaurens (Brussels, 2007, 2008 and 2013(‘Visions’). In 2015 she co-organised together with the Body-Mind Centering Association ´Tracing RefleCTions-RefleXions´, the 2015 BMCA European Conference in Ghent. She is a professional member of the ‘Body-Mind Centering Association’. She is engaging into the s e n s a r t –initiative.

Contact and Payment

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