Birth's Hidden Legacy 9 module online course: Release complex behaviors stored in the tissues based on Prenatal and birth/attachment first somatic impressions!

Annie Brook
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Birth's Hidden Legacy online course. Embryology, prenatal, and the first 0-18 months of life shape our adult and child behaviors. Learn how to identify the hidden stories in the cells that record first experiences and shape response behaviors. Learn how to recognize double bind behaviors that are based on the cellular imprints of existential time frames, prior to cognitive thinking. This course guides you from first impressions in the womb to the embodiment of relational attachment and meaning making, a fantastic walk through of the organization of body/mind and self. Based on the Birth's HIdden Legacy books, filled with BMC based interventions and tools for integration. Online class in the interworkings of body mind and first somatic impressions. 9 class modules.

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Annie Brook, Ph.D, Somatic author and educator, former Director Naropa University MA in Somatic Psychology (Body Psychotherapy track), movement performance artist, and infant developmental specialist. Annie co-owns Colorado Therapies, is an international speaker and presenter, and a somatic geek! She loves exploring the root essence of body mind and supporting therapists to really meet their clients, or parents their children. She works with clients of all ages and has been researching her somatic ideas in clinical practice for over 35 years. She is currently interested in training BMC practitioners to bridge the interface of anatomy and relational 

annie [at] anniebrook [dot] com
annie [at] anniebrook [dot] com
annie [at] anniebrook [dot] com