What people are saying about BMC

“After a session, I feel more relaxed, more integrated and more deeply connected to everything around me.”
Toby Monte
Mother and Homemaker

“My Body-Mind Centering® practitioner helped me to restore my crippling arthritis to normal functioning. Now I can do these exercises for myself.”
Maud Russell, Age 93

“My Body-Mind Centering practitioner showed me that empowerment is not an idea. Now, I feel it in my body!”
Lynn Campman Director
Adult Literacy Program

“In Body-Mind Centering I discovered new ways to elicit fuller, more three-dimensional movement. Principles from developmental movement have proved invaluable in helping dancers extend technical skills and creative options. As a result of my experiences with Body-Mind Centering, I find myself talking and writing about movement with a richer perspective.”
Martha Myers
Dean of the American Dance Festival Durham, North Carolina

“Body-Mind Centering enabled our child to develop far beyond her original neurological prognosis by nurturing her inner integrity. We encourage parents of children with developmental difficulties to utilize Body-Mind Centering as a pathway to your child’s true potential.”
Ana and Sam McClellan

“The Body-Mind Centering approach has clarified and expanded not only my practice as a physical therapist but also my vision of healing. In bodywork, Body-Mind Centering has sharpened my ability to witness and contact all levels of an individual's anatomy, physiology and developmental movement patterns. It has allowed me to celebrate each client's body-mind capacity, which I enthusiastically and confidently impart in pediatric, orthopedic, geriatric, neuro-rehab and sports medicine PT practices.”
Art Sansone
Registered Physical Therapist

“Body-Mind Centering clarified and made conscious deep feelings and specific changes that I needed to make in my life. BMC is a process that made me able to find the place inside myself where I knew the voice I was hearing was a voice of truth, the truth of my soul.”
Margie Kolchin