BMCA Professional Membership



Online Membership Application or Mail-In Application.

If you have questions, contact operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.


Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, owner of the Body-Mind Centering® and BMCSM service marks, has authorized BMCA to administer the status of the Body-Mind Centering profession.  All Professional members must meet certain requirements, described below, on an ongoing basis to maintain Good Standing.  Please remember that while membership in BMCA is optional, if you do not join BMCA and fulfill these requirements, you will not be able to use the Marks in your promotional materials or in connection with the services you provide, nor will you be able to teach in authorized programs.


  • Completion of an approved BMC professional training program.

  • Join BMCA.

    Only BMCA Professional Members are included in the public Locator Directory on BMCA’s website and can post their classes on the website.

  • Abide by BMCA’s Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Teachers Guidelines (pdf) .

      BMCA was in the forefront of developing these guidelines.

  • Sign the Marks License Agreement

     This can be done online by applying for, or renewing, your membership. This gives you the right to use the Marks, based on your graduation status.  This is renewed yearly and requires a $50 (€42) annual Marks fee and is automatically added onto your professional memebership dues.

  • Approval of Marketing Materials for Proper Use of the Marks.


    Every BMCA Professional member is required to send in any marketing materials used for classes, sessions, etc. for review by BMCA. This is to ensure that the BMC service marks are being used correctly.  BMCA does not otherwise review the content of the materials. 

    Guidelines for Use of the BMC Service Marks are posted on this website.  

    If your materials have already been approved and you are just changing the date or place of the class, you don't need to get them approved again. They need to be approved if you are starting something new or have changed the description of your work. If you have questions, please contact us.

    If you do not have any marketing materials, this requirement does not apply to you.  However, when you begin or renew your membership, please indicate on your application form that you have no marketing materials.  If you create some marketing materials later on, please send them in to be approved.

    If you have marketing materials to be approved, please send them to operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.  If you prefer to mail them, please send to BMCA, P.O. Box 710, South Hadley, MA  01075.

    This process ensures that the BMC service marks are protected. If you see anyone using the Body-Mind Centering name who is not authorized to do so, please help us to maintain the integrity of the service marks and let us know at operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org. We will follow up to prevent unauthorized use.  We will not disclose names of those reporting violations. 

    Please help us to protect Body-Mind Centering as a distinct somatic modality and the hard work that professionals have done to achieve their expertise.


  • Continuing Education (“CE”)

    .  Information in Continuing Education Guidelines (available on the Members pages of this site). Professional Members are required to complete 8 CE credits every 4 years, at least 4 credits of which must be BMC-related.  (For non-Professional members, CE is optional.)

  • Liability Insurance

    .  Although insurance is not required, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Professional members. See the Liability Insurance page or contact operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org for information on options.


  • Use of Marks in both educational and therapeutic contexts: Clear guidelines for correct usage
  • BMCA Website: The central world source for public information on BMC!  Member pages offer resources for practice and professional development
  • BMCA Website Directory: You appear on public Locator and on Member directory
  • Currents Journal: The professional journal of Body-Mind Centering; once a year
  • ConCurrents Newsletter: News updates of program and member activities; four times per year
  • Member Forum: Great online discussions about the work, the wider field of somatics, and applications from related fields.  Stay connected to the greater BMC circle through shared community dialogue.  Teachers’ only forum in addition to others for BMC graduates of certified teacher programs.
  • Conference: Discounts to BMCA Conferences.  Discover how colleagues are using the work, catch up on new developments and applications, enjoy time with friends!  Annually in the U.S.; also in Europe.
  • Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Teachers Guidelines
  • Insurance: Reduced rate through joint membership with ISMETA; also available via the Yoga Alliance, and other organizations.
  • Joint ISMETA Membership: Reduced rate; requires additional paperwork with ISMETAMore details on joint ISMETA membership
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: Utilize support for grant writing and project fundraising!
  • Mailing Labels: for your business
  • Voting privileges: Cast your vote for BMCA’s Board of Directors.