Insurance Options

Insurance Options

United States

For somatic practitioners: It is recommended that practitioners carry an insurance policy consisting of at least $1 million for general business liability insurance.  Some policies offer $3 million. Most insurance companies in the U.S. offering liability insurance require the training programs to consist of a certain number of hours, usually 500 hours. The programs for BMC Certified Teacher, Certified Practitioner, and Somatic Movement Educator are 500 hours or more, which satisfies the hours requirement for most policies.

  • As a BMCA member you are eligible to apply to become a Registered Professional Plus Member of The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association(ISMETA). This  ISMETA membership category includes high quality liability insurance and will cover you while working with individuals and groups. All members receive a discount on both their BMCA and ISMETA membership dues by logging into each site and identifying yourself as a joint member.

  • The Infant Developmental Movement Educator program has fewer than 500 hours. Only certain states allow policies which will cover graduates of this program. In some states ABMP may be able to offer coverage. The International Movement Association has insurance for programs of 100 hours or more. For those who have another training, it may also be possible to combine that with the IDME training to meet the 500 hour requirement for ISMETA professional membership.

  • Other organizations, like AMTA, also offer insurance as a benefit to their members.

For teachers: International Movement Association offers insurance for class sizes of 1-9 students or 10-99 students.

Outside the U. S.

Professional Members outside the U.S. are urged to seek out liability insurance which covers their work in their home countries. We are presently collecting information on available options in various countries. Contact admin [at] bmcassociation [dot] org for more information.