BMCA Associate Membership (AS)

If you have graduated from an approved program but choose not to become a Professional Member (which requires signing the Marks License Agreement), the Associate Member category provides all the usual benefits of BMCA membership, except that you cannot use the Marks to describe the work you do and you will not be listed on the website locator.

You can still be a member of the BMCA community!

A frequent question: If I don’t use the Marks, what can I say about my training?

Here’s what you can say:

I graduated from a program approved by The School for Body-Mind Centering as a [Certified Practitioner – or whatever your graduation status is].

Or you can say:

I attended an SBMC-approved program.

Or you can say:

I studied Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


  • BMCA Website: The central world source for public information on BMC!  Member pages offer resources for practice and professional development
  • Currents Journal: The professional journal of Body-Mind Centering; once a year
  • ConCurrents Newsletter: News updates of program and member activities; twice a year
  • Member Forum: Great online discussions about the work, the wider field of somatics, and applications from related fields.  Stay connected to the greater BMC circle through shared community dialogue.
  • Conference: Discover how colleagues are using the work, catch up on new developments and applications, enjoy time with friends!  Annually in the U.S.; also in Europe. Members receive a large discount.
  • Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Teachers Guidelines


  • Graduate of approved Training Program


Online Membership Application
Mail-In Application

If you have questions, contact operations [at] bmcassociation [dot] org.