Touch and Repatterning

The rich and rigorous four-year training of Certified Practitioners of Body-Mind Centering® is designed to facilitate a student's experiential process through movement, sound, information, cellular transmission, and hands-on touch and repatterning.  

The art of touch and repatterning begins with an experiential understanding of vibration and resonance. Vibration is the natural state of all matter. Each of our bodies' tissues has a different frequency, or vibration. When we embody a cell, tissue, or system, we are heightening our experience of its particular vibration. By focusing our attention in a specific tissue, feeling the vibrational frequency in our own body, moving in this area, and touching this area, we are able to intensify the client's experience of the same tissue. It is analogous to striking a middle "C" on a piano and hearing the vibrational response of the other C's on the keyboard.

BMC hands-on work can help a tissue and its concomitant state of mind become clearer, or less strident, as it feels met, appreciated, and understood. Hands-on support allows the body to find its way through distress to greater ease.

1) Body Systems, Tissues and Cells;
2) Developmental Movement Patterns;
3) Touch and Repatterning; and
4) Movement Facilitation and Expression.