What is a Session Like?

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What is a session like?

Individual sessions with your practitioner are custom-tailored to suit your needs. Responding to you, your practitioner chooses a combination of hands-on work, movement and guided imagery drawn from your body systems and developmental preferences. You'll discover your postural strengths and weaknesses and learn new ways to think, feel and move in response to your body. Throughout each session, your Body-Mind Centering® practitioner skillfully attunes to your physical and verbal responses and guides the session, choosing from:

Private sessions in Body-Mind Centering® are individually customized to respond to your needs and desires. The work can take many forms. Always in response to the client, we employ many techniques and adhere to few protocols. Rather, we are in "sensory-motor dialogue" and "tissue talk", sometimes leading, sometimes following. A BMC practitioner draws on a vast body of information and insight to provide you with sessions that are safe enough for you to do the deep and satisfying work of healing and growing in body and mind.

You can take it with you...

Body-Mind Centering®­ is practical. The skills, techniques and awareness you acquire during a session can be applied to your life on a daily basis. Take an active role in unraveling chronic aches and pains, perceptual and learning difficulties, headaches, eating disorders, emotional difficulties, sports injuries, hypertension and poor posture. You will learn to experience relaxation and balance, improve performance, coordination and flexibility, prevent injuries, tackle problems, support your sleep and digestion, expand your creativity and increase your quality of life. Body-Mind Centering®. It works!