BMC and the Arts -- Writing

Cate McNider

I was in a class at the School for Body-Mind Centering and had an epiphany of why I was there: 'to know where I am'.  With that realization, my spirit was flying, there was something about this act of embodiment, by taking my mind to various parts of my anatomy and enlivening them with my conscious presence and their feedback to my whole self that gave me a more full sensation of myself in space and time.  I learned to move from my inner world to bring it out to the larger world.  Embodying your anatomy is a spring-board to inspiration.

Before Arms Folded

Before arms folded,
and there,
the back facing
He was round.
All fluid.

Now arms folded.
and here,
muscles pull air
bone carving

Cate McNider
(inspired by watching
Gus Solomon dance)