BMC and the Arts -- Voice and Music


Beth Goren

"In 1976, when we began working with the Endocrine System, vocal sound entered
the arena for the purpose of contacting and balancing (stimulating/relaxing) the tiny
glandular bodies running along the spine. We began with simple vibrating and

toning into our own glands. For me, the light turned on. This is the thread of
the Body-Mind Centering® work that inspired me to explore the coordination
of voice-movement, intending to fan out the full range of vocal expression to
match what was already present in movement awareness. A rich vocabulary
of sound, sound-words, and syllables developed from steady practice at a NY
studio, and later, hour after hour of world music listening. With a working
understanding of the range and qualities of sound, I began to use sound in
a similar way to touch. For me, this created a varied form for one-on-one
practice using both hands-on and voice-on. A third thread that emerged

was the subtle and deep work of exploring the effect of vocal sound in partners
upon skull sutures and brain tissue. From the initial BMC impact of breathing
and vocalization in the 70's, I have devotedly watered this seed for thirty years.
My workshops, performances, classes, and teachings within the School for
Body-Mind Centering reflect this signature focus. I always feel grateful to
Bonnie and the early community for providing this gift." 


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