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Body-Mind Centering® is the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Ms. Bainbridge Cohen began her research in movement therapy and anatomy in 1958. She holds a degree in Occupational Therapy and is certified as a Neurodevelopmental Therapist by Dr. and Mrs. Bobath in England, as a Laban Movement Analyst by the Laban/ Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York, and as a Kestenberg Movement Profiler by Dr. Judith Kestenberg. Her research and discoveries have been fed by her studies in dance, dance therapy, voice, neuromuscular re-education, Katsugen Undo (a Japanese method of engaging in automatic movement), yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and Zero-Balancing. She is the author of the book Sensing, Feeling and Action and currently has three DVD’s: Dance and Body-Mind Centering, The Nervous System and Yoga, and Four Special Children.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen,
the founder of Body-Mind Centering

Photo by Marilynne Morshead

In 1973 she founded the School for Body-Mind Centering, originally located in New York City and later in Amherst, Massachusetts. The School is currently located in El Sobrante, California. There are also licensed programs through other organizations in the U.S. and Europe. Trainings offered include an intensive four-year Practitioner Certification Program, a rigorous training requiring experiential and academic studies in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, touch and repatterning, movement, psychology and counseling, the arts (performance, visual or literary), and mind/spiritual practice. There is also a post-practitioner Teacher Certification program, a two-year Somatic Movement Education program, an Infant Developmental Movement program, an Embodied Anatomy & Yoga program, and an Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga program.

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